Wednesday, May 16, 2018

INNX Slipcovers

INNX Slipcovers Made of Quilted Microfiber Suede for Pets, Canine Chair Loveseat Sofa/Couch Covers for Dogs, Cats (Sofa/Couch, 69"x74")

 The couch cover needs to be a tad bit longer for my couch. I did measure my couch and I did order the largest size they had.

 I bought this in a Size 74"H x 69"W with armrest 23.5"H x 20"W sofa/couch protector.  

It does have straps and flaps that are anti slip designs but my couch is kind of a awkward design. That could be one reason it didn't fit so well.

 It says it comes with straps but I guess mine didn't have any. 

I think the idea of it is great to keep your couch clean from stains from kids and pets. 

The material is really nice. I love the microfiber texture. 

It says it has a 3 layer design quilted construction. 

Which is true it stays cool in hot weather and comfortable in cooler weather. 

It's easy to machine wash on the gentle cycle in cold water. 

You can purchase at link below

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Two piece bathing suit

This is a medium two piece bathing suit.  I got to check out. It is nice and comfortable. Easy to put on. Very stylish and sexy.  I love the fact the top is a pull over so you dont have to worry about it coming unhooked.
#Blooming Jelly Women's Two Piece Striped Cutout Padded top.

You can purchase at link below

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Bluetooth Headphones

These blue tooth headphones have great sound quality. They even have a built in microphone. 

There's a wide range on how far you can listen. Which is great if your moving around in a room with your headphones on.

 Even if you receive a phone call while using the headphones you can switch right over and start talking. Very convenient and easy to use. That way you want miss an important call. 

They are really comfortable. I have a large head and a lot of headphones are too tight or make your ears sore from using. 

These are very comfortable. They have nice large ear cushions that fit over the ear giving you a nice pillow like texture for you ears. 

They are not tight either they fit nicely over your ears. They are also not too loose so they wont fall off. It's like a perfect fit I would say. 

The play time is around 13 hours and 15 hours on the talking time. 

I would highly recommend them for kids as well if they are in the car and your traveling and they want to listen to music. 

They will not make your ears sore like ear buds can. This is the style I prefer they are more old school. But they are modern enough to be able to fold and to store . Really nice color to the headphones. Very stylish and unique. 

I would highly recommend these nice Bluetooth headphones for anyone. I think they are great for mowing grass or working out. Anytime you need some alone time with your music.

listed below is link to the product

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Refrigerator Magnets

I recently got these magnets to test out and give my opinion about them. 

First thing I noticed the plastic box was busted but that was no big deal. 

Then I checked them out and man oh man are they powerful. I think they are the most powerful magnets I have seen yet. 

They come in 36 magnets.

 It says just one magnet can hold 18 sheets of paper. I believe that because these little magnets have power. 

They are small in size which makes them perfect for crafting, using in the office, on whiteboard magnets, maps and the list goes on and on. 

They are in the color silver and round. The size is 10x3mm. 

The company will give you 100% back if your not happy with them. 

I included a video so you could see just how powerful the force is. 

I think you will be very pleased with them since they are great for any use with magnets. 

I remind me of Old School hearing aids my grandmother would use. 

When I have used these magnets all it took to glue them was my hot glue gun or I used E6000 Glue. Very simple to glue on your projects that way. 

I would highly recommend them and the quality you get would make several fridge magnets. 

You can purchase on Amazon at link below. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Premium Bluetooth Speaker

This is a great quality medium size Bluetooth speaker. 

The color is orange and black. 

This Bluetooth speaker is easy to connect to your phone.

 It includes a wrist-let holder and USB charger  

The cover for the ports is easily shut. 

Over all the sound quality and design is amazing. It gives off a loud quality sound.  

I would highly recommend. 

Below you can watch a video I did on the Bluetooth Speaker. 

Speaker would also be a great item to take to the beach with you or on a picnic not just in the shower. I especially love to use these when I am at the pool. Turn the music up and enjoy my day lounging by the pool. Great for parties or anytime you want some music. 

Great for outdoor use, at the beach, party, camping and the list goes on. 

Great wherever you might want to listen to music. 

Connects to Bluetooth with ease. It has a built in echo cancelling microphone. So you can enjoy music anytime and anywhere.

The quality if the speaker has a nice sturdy weight. It's really a beautiful design. Easy to use. 

I like the fact you can place it on a table with the grooves on the bottom makes it steady and stays in place. 

I think would look good in any room you would like to have speakers. Even bedroom, kitchen or even bathroom. 

There's a long lasting playtime without battery needing to be recharged. 

You can purchase at link below

AncordWorks Bluetooth shower speaker

This is a great quality shower speaker. 

It's water proof and made with metal and silicone. Also its shockproof, sand-proof. 

The color of it reminds me of a military green. 

It has a built in MIC for hands free so you can talk on your phone. Even if your in the shower and your phone rings you can answer your phone from the speaker. How cool is that. 

Included with the speaker is a TF card play feature and a 8G TF SD card that can hold up to 1000 songs. 

This Bluetooth speaker is easy to connect to your phone.

 It includes a suction cup, clip carabiner, USB charger, 8G TF memory card. 

My only issue is the fact that the window to the USB port and SD card is hard to shut. It takes several attempts to get it to close without springing open.

Over all the sound quality and design is amazing. 

I would highly recommend. 

Below you can watch a video I did on the Bluetooth Shower Speaker. 

This Shower Speaker would also be a great item to take to the beach with you or on a picnic not just in the shower. 

Great wherever you might want to listen to music. 

So just because it says shower speaker doesn't necessary mean that is the only place you can use it. 

You can purchase over on Amazon at link below

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Adjustable Dog Safety Vest Harnesses, Dog Leash And Vest Harness With Car Seat Belt

This is a really great value you get a adjustable dog vest harness, dog leash and a safety belt for your car. 

I know if your like me my dog loves to run around looking out each window and it makes it hard to drive. With the seat belt he or she can sit beside you without risking both your lives. They have enough room to move around in the area they are sitting but not too much where it's distracting. It's easy to clip and hook your dog up. Very simple. 

The leash is a nice length it's not over long like some can be. It's a perfect length to give you enough room for guidance with your dog and not too much so they are all over the place and hard to handle. 

The harness I was a little confused with. I noticed the top metal D ring kept sliding down unlike all other harness I have used. Then I figured it out that I didn't have the vest tight enough. Then it was okay to slide down. It gives more freedom with the D ring. The Nylon fabric on the harness is reflective which is very nice especially if your walking your dog after dark or early morning. There is two attachment areas one on the chest and  the other on the back. 

So with three items at this price it is a wonderful value and a good fine.