Monday, July 16, 2018

Absorbent Stone Coasters - 6PacksTabletop Drink Spill Coaster Set, Starry Sky Blue Style

These coasters come in a pack of 6.
They are ceramic stone and the design is a starry sky blue pattern that looks like an abstract painting. 

If your glass has condensation drops the coaster is made so it absorbs quickly so there is no leakage on your table. The bottom of the coasters are made with cork which helps prevent any scratching. They are non slip and non stick. I found them easy to clean. They look nice and work great. 

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QCBest Elk Forest Tapestry Wall Hanging 51 x 59 inches

Lately one of the big craze going on is Tapestries.

 I recently got to review this deer tapestry.

The fabric is 100% Polyester. 

It's super soft and smooth material. The size of the tapestry is 51x59 inches. I found the material to be super soft, durable and well made. 

I think it would be a great wall hanging for any room that you would like to add some beauty too. 

This tapestry is different than others I have come across because most I have seen look like women would use them. But this has a silhouette deer design. I can see both male or females using in their house. 

It has really beautiful colors and design. To me it looks like a painting. It gives off a happy outdoor type vibe to it. 

You could use it as a tapestry wall hanging, bedspread, curtain, tablecloth, picnic, at the beach, and even as a shawl if you prefer. 

You can wash it in cold water by hand. 

It would make a great gift. Which it does include a cute little note card inside the package. That's what I am doing giving it to my twin brother. I did a painting for him not long ago that would go perfect with this tapestry. Since it looks like a painting it self. 

Also included is a little zip lock bag you could store the tapestry when not in use.

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Thursday, July 12, 2018

INNX Sheet Fasteners Adjustable

The number one complaint about having a king size bed is the sheets coming off the sides. 

I recently got to review these sheet straps.

 In photo you can see how to puts straps across your bed. I didn't do mine exactly like they show since I have a king size bed and there was only me to put on my bed..

 I just put mine underneath in two places. 

I gave the other straps to my son so he could put them on his bed. Since I did this I am amazed at this product my sheets stay on and I can't be happier about a product. 

This is a very good invention. They are actually better than those that just go on the edge. These go all the away across. 

They fit my king so they would fit any size bed. 

Not only can you use them on any size bed you can use them on futons, air mattress or even couches.

 As shown in photo straps are used for a cover for couch. 

They remind you of suspenders but they work great. 

They keep your sheets in place or the cover for couch.

 They are adjustable in length.

 4pack in each set. 1pc-24.4", can be extended to 118" maximum, 1pc-36", can be extended to 189" maximum, 2pcs-45.7", can be extended to 236" maximum,the cordlock button allows you to control desired length.

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Sunday, June 10, 2018

INNX Chenille Coral Wash Mitt Made of Super Soft Microfiber

Here's a good find this is a microfiber towel for pets. 

It says for washing and drying. But with my little dog I rather use my hands to wash him with. But when it comes to drying we struggle. He runs all over the house.

 At first he was scared of what this neon thing was on my hand. But after I finally convinced him to let me try it. He loved it. He was rolling over and over. It actually did help dry him. 

So I give it a thumbs up. 

The microfiber fabric mit is super soft. 

It has multiple uses not only for drying or washing pets. 

You can use it for washing cars, RV or trailers. It makes getting trapped dirt and grime off easier. 

It doesn't leave any lint behind like some drying material. Not streaks either. 

When you need to clean just throw in wash and clean on gentle cycle.

It does come with 1 year warranty.

This Ultimate super soft Chenille Coral Wash Mitt is designed for the multi usage. Like cleaning your cars, RVs, Boats, Trailer, or even your pets, and other house hold stuff. 
Our mitt is machine washable and super absorbent for eight times its own weight and doesn't require any chemicals to clean.
1,Univeral use for Cars, Pets, house stuff for cleanning 
2,Machine washable 
3,Streak free,Anti Scratch Microfiber fabric 
4,Cool dry after use, to avoid mildew

You can purchase at link below
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BAOCHI Hiking Trekking Poles Walking Sticks

These walking sticks are able to work in different types of terrain. Such as  hiking on a rocky trail, normal hiking conditions, just normal walking, mountain area, sand, snow. Just about any type of terrain. 

If your in an area with mud, snow or grass you would just change the tips. 

Great for both kids and adults. Because the sticks area adjustable. The walking sticks from 26 to 53 inches for tall 3.3'to 7 feet.

They are made with Comfortable ergonomic grip as shown in photo you can see the shocks. Also made lightweight aluminum alloy material. Which is sturdy. With rubber and plastic anti slip handles as shown in photos.

 Along with wrist straps. That are adjustable.  ADJUSTABLE LENGTH: From 26 to 53 inches for the trekking poles to adjustable,easy to fold, small size, light weight, can be stored in the backpack.

The spring rod reduces the impact. 

They have 3 section hiking poles that are adjustable.

 Each stick has a rotation locking structure as shown in photo. 

With comfortable grips.  

They are easy to use and twist and lock. 

You just never know when you need a little help with walking conditions. 

These walking sticks make it much more safe. 

1. Please lock tightly the hiking poles. 

2.The walking sticks only as a aux tool, don't let the hiking poles bear own weight to avoid accidents.
3. These hiking poles 1 year warranty to support manufacturing defects!

4.Due to the lighting, may be color difference between the walking sticks and the picture. The indentation for handle of EVA from the packing, they will be restored to the original after a week
Package list:
Walking sticks*2 (3 sections) 

Larger Snow baskets*2

Mud baskets*2

Rubber covers*4

Buckle locks*2 

You can purchase at link below

FREEWISE Personal Fan Battery Operated

This has got to be one of the best little inventions ever.

 You can charge it with USB. Take it anywhere you want to stay cool. Great for using while camping, hiking, tanning or even at the office when you might need a little circulation.

It really gives nice air circulation.  It does give a nice breeze to a stronger breeze. It's powerful enough to feel it. Which is great because looking at it you might think there is no way that will have enough flow. But it really does.

High to low settings. It stays charged a long time.

 Perfect for being outside in the sun when there's not much breeze.

It's a really cute and stylish fan. The fan has a standing port or you can remove it and hold it. Or leave in stand. 

I have never seen anything like it before.

The portable design of this fan is easy to take with you. You could put it in a stroller or even a bag. 

It is really well made and constructed. 

It has a long charging life around 3 to 10 hours. 

It does come with a one year warranty on labor and parts. 

You can purchase it at link below

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Bluetooth Headset

These are some really nice Bluetooth headphones.

They have 3 LED lights with color ear designs that go up in down with motion and color. 

They have great sound quality that is clear and transparent bass, mids and highs.

They are medium in size and stylish. Making listening to music easy and comfortable.

 You can answer phones or listen to music with ease.
 Fold-able Headset is easy to carry

The Bluetooth is easy to connect to the headphones.

Control your music player directly from the headset with functions such as play, pause, next & previous track, and volume 

The sound quality is perfect and blocks out any unwanted noise. 

The battery delivers around 10 hours of play time..

The ear pads are medium and cushioned. With protecting pads and sit on your ears. They are soft and silky to the touch. 

Nice headphones. They are on the smaller size than normal headphones I reviewed but would be great for someone with smaller head or teenager. 

I love the LED feature it's really cool with the lights flashing to the music.

Great for a teenager

Really pretty color choice

 I would highly recommend. 

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