Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Shower Head Holder

I will be honest at first it took me a minute to realize how I was trying to install it was actually backwards. After that it was super easy to install anyone can do it. 

My number one complaint with our normal shower head holder is it doesn't hold the wand.

 So many times it has fallen on our head or in the shower. With that issue my daughter has become afraid of it. She will actually lay it in the tub when she showers. 

Now with this new shower head holder that is no longer an issue.

 It has a nice shiny chrome finish. 

LED Globe String Lights

These LED globe string lights are really nice.

 Lights are always great for many occasions or even dressing up an area in your house. 

They give off a warm light glow. 

They are battery operated so you don't have to worry about using electricity. Uses 3 x AA Batteries.  You can put them anywhere with that option. 

They can be hung or put in a crafting arrangement. 

Saturday, January 13, 2018


These shoes are very lightweight. They have a mesh fabric material. Which makes them breathable. That is great if your a runner.

 The laces are strong and durable. The bottom of the shoe is nicely cushioned but not sure if I would say run on a very hard surface like the road. I think they would ware out quit fast. 

They are easy to get on and off. Really comfortable shoe. Especially for someone like me that has issues with my feet because I have bone spurs in both my Achilles tendon. I hate anything touching the back of my heel. These aren't uncomfortable for me in that area. Which is a big plus on my part.

 They give a nice support and cushion in the insole.

 My only down fall that I have found is the sizes in the color choices is minimal to none. My husband wears a size 10.5 and I bought these for him. When they arrived they were too small for him. His toe went to the very end. The plus side they do fit me. I ordered for my husband to test out because they didn't have my size. But when they arrived they were more my size than his. So they do run on the small side. Be aware of that. 

I really wished they had my size or my husbands in the black and white I really thought those were adorable. 

The price for these shoes is so affordable that you could buy more than one pair. Just wish they had more sizes in the color choices. 

Other than that a great deal on shoes. 

  • Fabric
  • Lightweight Sneakers Walking Shoes
  • Lightweight shoes provides feelings of walking barefooted for a more natural walk
  • Lovers running shoes sneakers breathable.
  • Design with strong lace up,give your full support for your foot,add extra comfort and protect.
  • It is with hydro-grip out-sole provide excellent traction and stability for all surfaces and terrains.

You can purchase at link below

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Inverted Umbrella Automatic

This umbrella is not only beautiful it's very handy in many ways.

 It has a fast auto close button for instance if your running to your car and it's pouring the rain you can just jump in while closing because the umbrella closes inadvertently.

You have protection with using this umbrella because it is windproof so you know longer have to worry about your umbrella folding up in the wind and breaking. That has happen so many times and I have broken so many that way. 

It has UV protection as well. The material is made where it has double layers. With water repellent fabric. 

What I especially love about it you can hold it when your hands are full because your wrist goes right through the C- handle.

It's such a lovely umbrella. With beautiful colors and designs.
 They have a lot of choices for anyone that would like one. 
They come with a cover sleeve when not in use. 

More information about the Inverted Umbrella 

Change is at this moment Small change, big difference

1、Entering and leaving the door,reversing the umbrella, will not be stuck to the door, quickly return you a rain free sky.

2、When the umbrella is placed in the car, the rain will not soak the floor and the saddle, so as to ensure that the car is clean and humid.

1、The first layer waterproof, high density waterproof coating.

2、Second layers, sun protection, cooling, nano layer is not endothermic, heat insulation cooling up to 12 degrees

3、Glass fiber skeleton, all glass fiber skeleton, fundamentally eliminate rust.

4、Innovative reverse design, innovative reverse umbrella design to make better use of umbrellas.

You can purchase the Inverted Umbrella at link below with lots of choices

Saturday, January 6, 2018

HaleBor 16X52 Monocular Telescope/Monocular

If you like hunting or bird watching these might come in handy. 

It took me a few minutes to figure out that you need to turn the part between two white circles slowly  in order to see the the object clearly. 

It's great for when you want to go hiking, watching for birds or hunting. 

Obviously I can't show pictures of the actual view. But me being an avid participator in that you know I have photos. 

But using monocular gives you a more up close view to places you might not can walk too.

 It's fun looking in the distance to see what you might see. 

Click to purchase on Amazon

Friday, January 5, 2018

CMYK Vintage Wall Lights

(Single Lamp-Base Painted with Oil Rubbed Bronze)

This oil rubbed bronze Vintage light is much nice than I had anticipated. It's not only vintage looking but very classy looking. It can give a decorative look to any house for your hallway, porch light, and any place you would like decorative light. It gives off a nice inviting light to any room. 

  • Wire cage wall sconces, adjustable rod to adjust fixture angle
  • AC110V-120V for Europe; CE & ROHS Listed
  • E26 Based (The bulb is sold separately); Max Power 60W: Incandescent bulbs, CFLs and LED bulbs
  • Installation recommended: Hardwired installation by a licensed electrician

CMYK Retro Vintage Wall Lamp Lights Shade Industrial Edison Metal Mini Wire Cage. (Black)

Both Lights are gorgeous. I think would make any room become extra stylish with these unique Vintage Wall Lights. One is bronze and the other is black. They give off a nice ambiance. The lights came very well packaged. I was very impressed with them.

  • Vintage style mini cage wall lamp sconces.Wire cage wall sconces,adjustable rod to adjust fixture angle
  • Wire cage wall sconces,adjustable rod to adjust fixture angle.
  • This Pendant Light Shade works well with any E26 base Edison bulb or incandescent bulbs (Max 40watts).Note: Do not include a bulb. The light itself is not dimmable, but it can works with dimmable bulbs and need a dimmable light switch.The bulb is sold separately, if you need it, please search: B01DDDNE0I
  • Frequency: 50 ~ 60Hz,Voltage: 110V, IP rating is 20. Only use indoor and not waterproof.Suitable for bedroom, entrance, dining room, cafe, restaurants or office to brighten
  • The light shade is well-made and carefully packed. The manufacturer warranty for 2 years.If you are not satisfied with the Pendant Light, just return them within 30 days for a full refund. No questions asked, no hassle. Click the Add to Cart button to have your light shade shipped today.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

LED Solar Light For Flag Pole

I recently got to try out this Solar Powered LED Flag Pole light. 

As of right now I can't go outside and install it. Since it's really cold and winter time. But I can still test out the product indoor.

 It comes with batteries already installed. Easily removed with a small Phillips screw driver.

 When it arrives you will need to remove the plastic covers that are on top of the solar panels. After that let light shine directly on to the solar panels. 

There's an on an off button on the bottom with the lights. 

 I was really impressed with how much light it gives off. If you don't have a flag pole you can still use it because it comes with a clip which I have included a photo below. 

You can use it while camping or put some place outside you might need an extra light such as basketball court or outside near parking. 

It would come in handy if you don't have an outside light. Most people have to pay for extra security lighting but with this it's free from our sun that charges the solar panels. 

I think it works great and easy to install. Photos and video included. 

Purchase At Link Below

PISSION Auto ON/OFF Solar Power Light for 15-25ft Flagpole — Display the flag at night with the respect it should be shown!!
  • Solar panels collect power in the day and illuminate at night. 
  • Installation is a snap, just fixing the light on flagpole top through the center hole (diameter: 0.55in).
  • Turns on automatically at night and turns off when daylight returns.
  • Weatherproof: Works during storms or rain.

Multifunction Solar Light(Comes with a hook to be hung):
  • Flag Pole Light
  • Garden Light
  • Camping Lantern
  • Please ensure switch to "ON" position before using it.
  • Please remove the protective film on the solar panel for the first time.

  • This solar light for flag pole is self-charging,can provide safe lighting for 10 years.
  • Fitting for most of flagpoles(Through hole for 1.3CM/0.5in). For the independent solar powered charging system, there is no hassling with wires and electrical connections. Easy to install, no special tools required.
  • This solar powered flagpole light turns on automatically at night and turns off when daylight returns.
  • It can be used as flagpole light, camping lanterns attached on tent or light in garden.