Wednesday, May 27, 2015

AZSPORT Kinesiology Tape

I have Fibromyaliga so I am always having muscle issues. Especially when I work out I tend to flare up something on my body. When I need help I reach for AZSport kinesiology tape. Plus the fact I have heel spurs in both my achilles tendons which give me fits all the time. The Achilles tendon is the largest tendon in the body. It connects the calf muscles to the heel and is active during almost all activities including walking, jumping, and swimming. This dense tendon can withstand large forces, but can become inflamed and painful during periods of overuse. Pain results from inflammation (tendonitis) is what I have along with spurs. But with proper rest, icing, and anti-inflammatory medication, AZSport tape it can help relieve my pain and reduce the inflammation along my tendon. With spurs in my achilles walking is very painful. But using AZSport KT Tape It can get me going again. Trust me this beats wearing that heavy boot anyday. 

Here's how AZSPORT Kinesiology Tape may help you: 
*Bring relief to overused and sore muscles
*Support your joints and muscle during intense activities
*Promote fast healing
*Help improve and increase performance
*Enhance the lymph drainage and blood circulation

  • INSTANT PAIN RELIEF - Advanced technology to relieve pain and sore muscle. This kinesio tape is better than any pain reliever or medication. Say goodbye to traditional strapping. No more adhesive bandages, no more braces even Post Surgery with the help of kinesiology. This athletic tape also helps prevent or relieve spasms and cramps in overused or injured muscles.

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Elite Serum RX Got A New Packaging

Awhile back I reviewed Elite Serum Rx

but since then I had heard they had launched a new packaging and I was excited about checking it out since it is one of my favorite eye serums. It arrived in the mail recently and I have to say it is much more up to date and modern looking package. 

Photo's below

See what I mean? 

Plus I am happy that now I can use this box to put all my other Elite Serum's in to store. I have them laying around in my bathroom or makeup counter. This will help me keep track of them.  It is still my treasure item in my beauty regimen. I still remember the first time I ever used this product cause I only used a tiny bit on my right eye. I will always remember my husband's response was "Oh Wow".. So with that said you can truly understand why. I never want to go back to the way my eyes use to look. Just in case you missed those photos or my first experience you can click the link above. Plus check my before and after photos here. On my right eye only. 



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Monday, May 25, 2015

ROUNDSQUARE 3-in-1 Wine Chiller with Pourer

The rod chills within 30mins or less. Making your wine chilled. It is easy to put together. Easy to pour your wine without spilling. It's a very nice thing to have for the wine lover in your family. It would also make a great gift for someone. It's really nice and elegant. Just keep it in your freezer so it's ready anytime you need to chill your wine. I received at a discount or free for my unbiased review. 

-3-in-1 wine tool, Chiller, Pourer and Aerator.
-To the perfect temperature, flavor and bouquet right in the glass in 5 minutes or less. And keep wine chilled for up to 1 hour
-As an aerator to eliminate breathing while still getting the full taste and aromas of reds
-The pourer prevents spills and has a wide mouth to preserve taste.

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Fresh Richie Amazing Body Wipes

Fresh Richie

This is great they come in little discreet packages so you can slide them in your wallet. Great for an afternoon pick me up or just when you need a little clean up. It says scent free but I think it has a clean scent to it. Great for my hubby to take with him when he is running and needs to wipe his face afterwards. Or any other place he might want. I received at a discount or free for my unbiased review.

Product Description

Fresh Richie is a flushable towelette for men who are always on the go. With sleek and discreet packaging, you never have to feel self-conscious about being clean down there. Fresh Richie contains specially formulated ingredients that will leave you and your privates feeling minty fresh.

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Friday, May 22, 2015

Wood Egg Shaker

This little wood egg shaker is so fun. It's perfect for all ages from babies to the elder. Anyone can find fun in this. If you love music your going to love playing with this. It reminds me of a tambourine in a way. You can shake it to get the rhythm going it can be soft and fast. Whatever you are in the mood. The music is in your hands. Plus even babies can play with it because it's safe and all babies love rattles. You don't have to worry about choking hazards or anything because it's solid nothing will come off. Plus it's a great gift for anyone that is into music. Plus it's not an annoying sound that would get on your nerves like some toys out there. It's more of a soft easy type music instrument. You will enjoy it like me. It's like a stress reliever for me. 

  • Excellent musical instrument for all musical skill levels
  • Great gift for children, kids and babies
  • Sharp rattle (not muffled) with warm, mellow sound and pleasant-level loudness that does not become obnoxious over any period of listening
  • Countless sounds possible, depending on how you play it
  • Each one is unique in terms of both aesthetics and acoustics

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Live Infinitely Cooling Towel

 This is a wonderful invention. Especially during the hot summer months. With being outside in the heat during sports or work this towel works amazingly to get your body temperature down. So you can feel refreshed and cool yourself down so you can go on with your activity. My kids play sports in the heat and this towel is something to always keep on hand. Not only for them but for me sitting out in the heat. Anyone can use this because it also works for people that mow yards while out in the heat and need something to cool them down beside drinking water and staying hydrated. This is a must have if you're out in the heat a lot. I highly recommend this cooling towel because when wet this towel it has an advanced cooling fabric that is activated and cools down to around 30° below average body temperature and stays that way for around 4 hours. 

  • Durable and suitable fitness towel for any activity including yoga, golf, tennis, boxing, crossfit or cooling down the little ones at the beach.
  • Chemical free PVA material in yoga towel converts moisture into a cooling sensation acting like a personal heat sink.
  • Cooling towel provides UPF 45 sunscreen protection, gentle on skin, suitable for all ages and body types.
  • Simply run under water, wring excess water away and your gym towel maintains exceptional cooling experience for hours with a dry touch keeping your clothes from getting soaked.
  • Machine washable, reusable and comes in an anti-bacterial carrying case.

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Soap.Club - Pure Natural Handcrafted Bath & Body Soap

Recently I got to try out the Soap Club Lemon and Coconut soap. It's great to know there is no harsh irritating chemicals, no detergents, no artificial colors or no preservatives in this soap. When I opened the package I got a sniff of a clean soap. Very refreshing type soap. It had a very uplifting scent to it.  I guess more of a coconut instead of lemon.  When I used it for the first time I noticed it was creamy and lathered quit well. It almost felt like I was putting lotion on my hands. Made them very soft and the soap left a very pleasant scent on my hands and body. I really enjoyed it and I bet the other scents are amazing. The only thing I would have added with this soap would be a little bit more of a lemon because I am a big lemon scent girl. I just love the scent of lemon. That is all I would add more of. I would highly recommend this soap. 

  • All of our Lemon Coconut products are made by hand using the old fashioned cold process method of soap-making using only the finest natural & organic ingredients.
  • Our soap artisans prepare each recipe by hand in small batches. Every bar of soap is cured for 4 to 6 weeks, then cut individually, inspected and wrapped at the peak of freshness.
  • Every bar of soap contains olive oil, coconut oil, hemp oil, shea butter and a custom blend of essential oils/fragrances.
  • Olive oil is used in every bar of soap which helps reduce brown spots & scars, minimize wrinkles and penetrates deep into your skin leaving it healthier and firmer.
  • Our experienced soapers are constantly producing new innovative soap which include shaving soap, body wash, bath bombs & bubble bath to name a few.

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