Saturday, March 28, 2015

Vegas Wand Neon Chalk Markers Review + Giveaway

Vegas Wand Neon Chalk Markers Review + Giveaway

You do need to pump the pens a few times the first time you try them out. But once you do that you are good to go. They are easy to write on just about anything you wish. Their color pops and is so vivid and pretty. You'll have fun drawing or writing with these amazing colors. They are fun for all age groups. They are easy to clean up as well. Just wipe and your good to go. 

  • Fast Dry and Easy Erase. Chisel Tip Ideal for Precise Design Work and Broad Strokes and Round Tip Ideal For Free Writing and Coloring. Suitable for Non-porous Surfaces Only (Like All Chalk Markers) If You Wish to Remove The Chalk Ink
  • Suitable For Use On: Glass, Mirrors, Plastics, Metals, Non-porous Blackboard and Chalkboard, Varnished Wood, Chalkboard Contact Paper, Appliances, Whiteboards, Counter-tops, Stainless Steel, Glazed Ceramic Tile, and More.

Liquid Chalk Markers by Colore

These chalk markers are super cool. The colors are very vibrant and the color pops. You can write on just about anything you can imagine. You can leave notes on glass or windows. Because clean up is just as easy. You just wipe away and be done. That's easy. It's so fun for both young and adults. You'll have fun drawing or just writing notes. The colors are so vivid that it makes it fun to see what interesting things you can come up with.  

Francois et Mimi Vintage Double Wall French Press

     Francois et Mimi Vintage
    Double Wall French Press

This is a very attractive, vintage detailed well constructed stainless French press coffee or tea press. I love the look of this French press it's so elegant. It looks great on my kitchen counter, breakfast table or the dining room area. The 34 oz french press makes about 3 to 4 cups depending on size of your cup. It says it's dishwasher safe but I think I will wash by hand because with something this nice I want to take very well care of it. The coffee taste great. You will be very proud of your coffee press and everyone will ask where you got it. 

  • USPTO Protected Custom Vintage Design
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Holds 1000ml, or 34oz
  • Double wall feature keeps liquids hot longer
  • Dribble-proof spout

Thursday, March 26, 2015

3 Rust Proof Shower Hooks

Recently I got to try out these rust proof shower hooks. I placed beside my tub so I would have an easy access to hang my towel or my loofah. It was very easy to install. All you do is find a spot you want it to hook. Then pull the sticky off the back then place on your wall. I would hold for a few seconds. It seems to hold very well. I even have one in the shower for holding wash clothes or sponges while showering. It's very strong after you have placed it because it holds my heavy towels very well. They are so classy looking and you don't have to worry about any rusting. More info below. 

  • Easily add hooks to your shower without drilling! Installs using included double sided tape
  • Great for hanging your sponge, loofah, face brush and towels.
  • Also great for use outside the shower - key hook, kitchen hook, bedroom hook.
  • 3 Independent Hooks Crafted from Waterproof Zinc Alloy.
  • Will not rust!

You can purchase at link below

Texting Gloves for Smartphone & Touchscreen

I ordered the gray and it has some pink in it making it more lady like. They are the exact type of gloves I normally wear during cold weather but I have never had the type of glove that works on your smart phones before so this is exciting cause I hate the fact with other gloves you always have to remove your gloves to text or to answer your phone. But with these gloves they work great when testing. Plus they are are very comfortable and they keep your hands warm. You can purchase with the link below.. 

Premium Leather Workout Gloves for Gym, Fitness and Cross Training

My husband was in need of weightlifting gloves. He goes through a lot of workout gloves. He said they work great and give support around the wrist with the Velcro straps. The gloves are very well made They fit great and do what they are suppose to do. My husband has gone through a lot of workout gloves. The are well cushioned and he get's a good grip on the weights or handles of the equipment. While he's working out. The velcro closure around the wrist gives great flexibility so you can adjust to your preference. They have met our expectation. More info below. Premium Goat Skin Leather Gym Glove protects the palm of your hand against abrasions, callus and blisters Ergonomically designed with double Foam underlined Leather padding Double stitching for reinforced durability Unrivaled Grip Performance Elastic 4-way stretch Towel and Lycra on the back of the Hand.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

2 % Pure Whey Protein Isolate

Recently my husband got to try this 100% BIO PURE WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE. He is very picky when it comes to his protein powder because he says some just have a nasty taste either while your drinking it or it will leave an after taste. But my husband was really impressed. He said the taste wasn't that bad at all. He was was really thrilled to see that it has  ZERO FAT, VERY LOW CARB AND CHOLESTEROL NON-GMO, LACTOSE FREE, SOY FREE & NATURALLY FLAVORED INSTANIZED. He is lactose intolerant and he was very pleased that he can use this with his lactose milk. I even tried the protein powder and I also thought it wasn't bad at all and I don't drink protein shakes like he does. So he gives it a thumbs up. 

Big Size Insulated Lunch Bag / Cooler by Sacko

Wow I am really impressed. This cooler was way bigger than I thought. It is so perfect to take on a picnic, to the beach  or out to sporting events. It has Insulated lining, a front pocket and Velcro closure. The sides have mesh netting pockets. The main compartment is large and deep. It has enough room to put several items in. I can see using it for taking pot lucks to church events or outdoor parties. I look forward in lots of use out of it. By the way I was afraid the color was going to be neon and me and my husband both didn't want that. We were so pleased when to find out it was more of a lime green so it's a lot light than it appears in photo. I love that it has both a small Velcro flat to easily get things out in a hurry or you can use the zipper. Has a great strap on it making it easy to carry. 

You can purchase at below link. Amazon does have more colors to choose from

Syono Shiatsu Neck Massager

I recently received Syono Shiatsu Neck Massager at first it looks a little strange but after you read more about it and see how simple it is to use then it all makes since. You place the item around your neck with the little knobs on the wheels as you open and close so to speak the wheels roll against your neck. You might find the massager is uncomfortable and slightly painful as I did. Because I do have Fibromyalgia and suffer with neck issues daily. For me it might take longer to feel the difference but as of right now it's just an okay job. I do sit at computer for hours a day at work. It does give me relief from tight muscles when you need to get the kinks out of your neck. I think after you do it more often and understand how to use it more it might get more comfortable. For a normal healthy person I think it will feel amazing on your neck but uncomfortable at first. But you will get the benefits sooner than I would.  More information below and a link where you can purchase the neck massager. 

  • Great for neck pain, headaches, inflammation, and herniated cervical discs.
  • Promotes blood flow
  • Reduces physical stress commonly caused by long hours at computer
  • Breaks down poor neck collagen and allows healthy collagen to regenerate

Ice Cream Scoop by SUMO

Ice Cream Scoop by SUMO

I received this Ice Cream Scoop by Sumo and I have to say my first impression was WOW this thing is heavy and so well made. I was just in awe at how gorgeous this scoop is, yeah me saying an ice cream scooper is gorgeous. But I have never had anything like this before. This scoop is made from Stainless Steel and has a no slip grip. This is the best ice cream scoop I have ever tried.  It just slides right through the ice cream like butter.  If you have hard frozen ice cream just warm the stainless spoon in warm water then it will glide right through like a sled. Everybody that loves ice cream needs a scoop like this. The handle has a great grip to it making it easy to handle. I highly recommend this ice cream scoop.

Monday, March 23, 2015

GoDog Bedzzz

Shag Bedding Styles

This dog bed is amazing. It's super soft that I would even lay on it myself. When we first got it we all couldn't stop touching it. It was so luxurious. Our big dog Bradley is a German Shepard Lab mixed and he does not like laying on the thick beds that we have purchased in the past. But when this bed arrived he was so thrilled. We have actually moved it twice just to test him and he will go where ever the plush bed was. It is not only soft and luscious it's very durable and sturdy. You can tell it's very well made. We look forward in having this for a long time. Links below where you can find your Fido a dog bed as well. For small dogs to x-large dogs like ours. 

Super-Cat Catnip Plush Toys

My cats are loving their Platties. They play, kick, toss and rub on them. They love them from my oldest 15 years to my youngest 7 years old cat. I have included photos. I love the little catnip spray so you can keep the cats happy and sniffing away. They really enjoy their toys so much. I have fun watching them play. They are happy little kitties.

Links where you can purchase your own plush toys and more

Super-Cat Kitty Condo


                    Super-Cat  Kitty  Condos 

As all cat owners know our fur-babies love boxes. What better way than to get the Super Cat 
Kitty Condo so they can have their own establishment. Super-cat Kitty Condo's are the ultimate build-your-own place space for cats!

 With tunnels and extra condos to build a unique habitat for your cat to explore. It brings out your cat's natural instinct of hunting, stalking and pouncing by hiding toys, catnip and mice throughout your Super-cat Kitty Condo! Or just adding some padding like we did so our kitties would have a comfortable spot in case they want to take a nap. My two cat's Samie and Snow love to hide and sleep in their kitty condo.  

It came with Catnip Spray so our cats are always rubbing up against it and smelling it. It did come with an add-On Tunnel but our cats preferred not to have it connected.  Personally I think it's because they are jealous of each other and have to do the exact same thing. Since we received the Kitty Condo our cat Snow which is the big white cat goes into the condo every night to sleep. He has claimed it as his bed at night. Our cat Samie the smaller cat prefers taking naps in it during the day but either way they enjoy their kitty condo. Link below to where you can purchase the exact condo or even go more bold with add on's and set's.


Saturday, March 21, 2015

50 Guitar Picks in Sturdy Case Review

I think these guitar picks are very cool picks made of celluloid. They give a nice, rich tone, they have an easy grip. You get 4 different gauge sizes, medium to heavy: 0.73mm, 0.88mm, and 1.14mm. Each gauge size comes in a different color. I think you can make lovely music with these colorful picks. I think they are great for both male or female. Young or old everyone will enjoy these.

- 50 assorted awesome guitar picks
- 4 gauge sizes, from medium to heavy
- Bright color picks, with good grip and rich tone
- Cool Handy Case for storing all your picks.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

USDA Certified Organic Lip Balm - 4 Pack Review

These are great organic lip balms. They give super moisture to your lips. They each have a different flavor that you will love. My favorite is the raspberry and the pear. They leave your lips moisturized and soft. Where I work at my lips are always getting chapped but its great knowing I have these to use and decide which flavor I am in the mood for. I love each and everyone. Great lip balm. More info in video which is included above.

26 Piece Sketch & Drawing Pencils Set by Colore - Video Review.

Recently got to try out the Colore 26 Piece Premium Drawing Set. It's a lot of fun and is a great kit. You can do a lot of different shading and sketch techniques using this set. I really like it and I am having lots of fun. More detail in video which I have included. 

Amber Crown Necklace

Recently we got to try out the Amber Crown necklace for dogs and cats. It was easy to put on my cat. It looks so classy makes him look like our little Prince. I wish I had known about this type of necklace earlier. 
It's all natural and safe. Our cat has always had flea dander up underneath his collar with any other collar but with this Amber Crown collar it's different he's been clean and we have not seen any fleas. It was cat tested and approved. More info in video. 

You can purchase at the link below

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Erin Buchanan's Air Bar Exercises

I have tried several workout videos throughout my life. A lot of them have been hard to follow and just too much for me to handle. But I found Erin's workout video to be very uplifting and easy to follow. I think she is very motivational and upbeat. She makes working out fun and inspirational. Keeping you balanced and with her workout it teaches you lower body and core workout. It's great for any age range from children to later in age. Any shape or size. My daughter loves working out to it as you will see in the video that I have attached below. It's great for someone like me whom has fibromyalgia and I am plus size. I like the fact I can go at my own pace. It's a great workout.