Monday, March 2, 2015

DelfogoRx Reconstructive Eye Serum

Recently I got to try  Delfogo Rx Reconstructive Eye Serum. This little gem is a hidden treasure. Your going to love it as much as I do. Plus it's affordable for us that want good results but can't afford the high price. I'm in my 40's now and my biggest concern is my eye area. I have puffiness every morning. I am even ashamed to go out without makeup due to my eyes. Even with makeup I still have the darn wrinkles and crows feet starting around my eyes. They were driving me crazy. Sometimes a girl just doesn't feel like putting on makeup to go out. Let's say your cleaning your house and you need to go pick up something really quick at the store you don't want to bother with putting your entire face on to do that. For example today I grabbed the Delfogo RX Reconstructive eye serum and put it around my eyes. Then I noticed it was time for me to go pick up my daughter. I was running behind so I had to leave. I looked in the mirror and had to take a double and triple take. I was shocked at how much better my eyes looked. Plus the fact I had no makeup on. I can say on the days I want to go makeup less I can count on this Delfogo eye serum from now on. It's heaven in a jar. I love this little gem.   I also find that I have fewer fine lines and wrinkles. My skin feels soft and smooth and gives off a much healthier and rejuvenated appearance.

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