Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Big Size Insulated Lunch Bag / Cooler by Sacko

Wow I am really impressed. This cooler was way bigger than I thought. It is so perfect to take on a picnic, to the beach  or out to sporting events. It has Insulated lining, a front pocket and Velcro closure. The sides have mesh netting pockets. The main compartment is large and deep. It has enough room to put several items in. I can see using it for taking pot lucks to church events or outdoor parties. I look forward in lots of use out of it. By the way I was afraid the color was going to be neon and me and my husband both didn't want that. We were so pleased when to find out it was more of a lime green so it's a lot light than it appears in photo. I love that it has both a small Velcro flat to easily get things out in a hurry or you can use the zipper. Has a great strap on it making it easy to carry. 

You can purchase at below link. Amazon does have more colors to choose from 

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