Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Weight Gurus Digital Bathroom Scale with Large Backlit LCD and Smartphone Tracking

Weight Gurus Digital Bathroom Scale with Large Backlit LCD and Smartphone Tracking 

It's easy to set up users and you have to download the app to sync to your phone to track your weight. 
It's great for anyone who want to monitor and track their weight loss. It takes 4 AAA batteries which are included and the scale turns on when stepped upon. Seems to always say Hello when you walk by. 
This scale is nicely designed. It is approximately 12 inches by 12 inches. It is sleek and stylish to have in your bathroom or where ever. My only downfall is that is it worked great for anyone that is average weight but if you are larger the amount is in accurate. It not only did that for me but my son as well. It was about a 10lb difference for us. That would be why I would give it a 4Star. 

It is easy to use as well, all you need to do it step on and it turns the scale on and starts calculating.  It will automatically send the data to your phone for tracking and monitoring progress.

You can purchase on Amazon at link below

Premium High Absorbency Chenille Microfiber Scratch-free Car Wash Mitt (2 Pack)

Premium High Absorbency Chenille Microfiber Scratch-free Car Wash Mitt (2 Pack)

Wow this is awesome. Perfect for washing the car or truck. Hand fits right in and all you have to do is stick your hand in your bucket of soapy water and go to town washing your vehicle. So much easier than using a rag. It's great because me and my husband can wash the car together. Makes it much faster. We really enjoy these microfiber wash mitts. They were great. Everyone needs one to use. Received at a discount or free for my unbiased review. 

  • Color Box Comes With 2 Premium Quality Wash Mitts
  • A Perfect Gift For The Car Enthusiast!
  • Extra Absorbent And Will Not Scratch Paint
  • Great For Home Or Electronic Use As A Duster When Dry


When used wet, these high quality mitts will soak up water and help with washing, when used dry, the noodles will attract dust making it ideal for household use.


Microfiber is great at trapping little dust particles and will remove dirt from most surfaces without damaging the finish or leaving streaks.

Instructions For Care:
• Wash Or Rinse Before Initial Use Is Highly Recommended To Prevent Color Bleed
• Machine Wash Cool/Warm
• Do Not Use Bleach
• Do Not Use Fabric Softener
• Tumble Dry Low Heat Or Hang To Dry
• Do Not Iron
• Wash Only With Other Microfiber Products Or Separately To Prolong Quality 

You can purchase on Amazon at link below

Light Up Charging Cable Luminescent Visible LED Current Flow Smart Lightning to USB Cable

Light Up Charging Cable Luminescent Visible LED Current Flow Smart Lightning to USB Cable

My daughter loves her new charging cable. It lights up and changes colors which she things is cool. None of her friends have one like it so they are all asking where she got it. Charges up great. Received at a discount it free for my unbiased review.

  • Light Blue 1 Meter (3.28 Feet) Long Charging and syncing cable for your Apple devices
  • Charge and sync compatibility with iPhone 6 Plus / 6 / 5s / 5c / 5 / iPad Air / iPad mini / mini 2 / iPad 4th generation and iPod nano 7th generation
  • Connects to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod with Lightning Connector and charges/syncs by connecting the USB connector into your wall charger or computer
  • Compact Lightning Connector head works with nearly all cases
  • 100% Compatible with ios 8, no warning message

Purchase on Amazon at link below

KastKing Orcas Spinning Reel All Metal Body Carbon Fiber Drag Ultimate Fishing Reel

KastKing Orcas Spinning Reel All Metal Body Carbon Fiber Drag Ultimate Fishing Reel

Recently got the KastKing Orcas 2000 it has a solid aluminum body and lightweight aluminum alloy. The front drag spinning reel is so smooth and has a great smooth performance. I think the carbon fiber drag washer is amazing. It has a smooth cast. Allowing me to throw at a much further distance than I normally do. I noticed there is no hangups or lagging . I think this reel would be perfect for anyone from professional to the beginner. One of the first things I noticed is it's a metal frame and no plastic that right there is a big plus in my book. I think this reel will last a very long time. It also has a zero reverse clutch and that's the kind my family loves to fish with. Very impressed with this KastKing Orcas reel. I family tested and approved. They have been fishing for years.

  • Named after Orcas one of the world's most powerful saltwater predators, the KastKing® Orcas Spinning Reel can withstand and deliver endless fishing punishment. Whether fishing saltwater or freshwater, Orcas is the reel to have on your fishing pole.
  • KastKing® Orcas solid aluminum body is made from a special lightweight aluminum alloy that is 18% lighter than the usual aluminum fishing reel body alloys. Orcas spinning fishing reels are light in weight for their size. Ranging from just under 10 ounces/ 275 gram for the 1000 and less than 12 ounces/ 340 grams for a 4000 - Orcas reels bring a lot to the hunt in a compact package.
  • Orcas 12 + 1 shielded stainless steel ball bearings, stainless steel main shaft, precision machined brass gears and CNC machined aluminum spool and left or right hand handle create a saltwater ready spinning reel. This spinning reel also has a unique carbon fiber spool skirt with a power casting lip that keeps weight down and performance up.
  • KastKing® Orcas front drag spinning reel smooth performing triple disc carbon fiber drag washers deliver a massive knockout hook set with an incredible 26 lbs/12 kg of drag on the 1000 and 2000 series and an enormous 30 lbs/ 14 kg of drag on the 3000 and 4000 size Orcas fishing reels.
  • If you are after a fierce saltwater or freshwater battle offshore or inshore with powerful predators KastKing® Orcas spinning reels deliver more features at a greater value than a Penn, Shimano, Diawa, Okuma or other brand fishing reel. KastKing Orcas high performance reel design and attractive red salmon and black color scheme look fantastic on any spinning rod and makes a perfect spinning reel combo.

You can purchase on Amazon at link below

Devoted Doggy Premium Quilted Back Seat Cover for Pets with Hammock Feature

Devoted Doggy Premium Quilted Back Seat Cover for Pets with Hammock Feature

Our German Shepard lab mix loves to travel. We love to bring him along. But we do not love the hair that comes along with him that gets all over our back seat of our vehicle. Now we put this in our back seat when we travel. We don't to have to worry about the hair any longer. Just pull it out vacuum it or wash which ever we need to do.

  • HAMMOCK FEATURE - Cover can be attached to front seat headrests to keep pet hair where it belongs
  • DELUXE QUILTING - Ensures one of your largest investments is protected and is the best back seat cover for dogs
  • FITS MOST VEHICLES - 54 inches wide fits trucks, cars, and SUV's - vehicle must have rear headrests
  • EASY INSTALLATION - Adjustable straps for headrests and seat anchors simplify installation

  • You can purchase at Amazon at link below
  • http://amzn.com/B00UUUCORW

Monday, June 22, 2015

Kids Books: "The Lost Kitten"

This is a cute little story on Kindle or you can get it on Amazon.  It tells the story of a little girl named Emma, who doesn't like cleaning her room. But then a mystery happens that forces her to make a change. Then she realizes the change it good and something she needs to keep up. The story has a good meaning to it. Showing that even kids need to be responsible. Perfect for the preschoolers and young readers in your life. It's an easy ready and enjoyable. 

You can purchase on Amazon at link below

Non-slip Yoga Towel for Hot Yoga

My daughter is into gymnastics and yoga. She thinks this mat works great.

She loves the fact is has non slip. It stays put when she is doing moves and poses in her exercise routine. It looks like it's very well made and constructed.

It's a great length. I am sure she will get many years of activity with it. It also comes with a nice bag.

-Size fit my yoga mat really well
-Absorbent and soft
-Helped reduce the amount of slipping on the mat
-Couldn't feel the dots under the towel that hold it in place

  • ✔PREMIUM VALUE: It's a luxurious piece that's a true investment. Not only will you love the way it feels, you will also love the value you are getting.
  • ✔EXTRA LONG: At 24" x 72", they are designed to work great with longer mats as well as standard-length mats.
  • ✔NON-SLIP & ABSORBENT: Non-slip PVC dots will adhere to your yoga mat so that you can focus on your practice and take it to the next level. It acts as an ideal moisture absorbent towel to wipe away perspiration and creates a slip free surface.
  • ✔HYGIENIC BARRIER: Our yoga towel will provide a protective layer between you and a borrowed studio yoga mat, or your own home mat.
  • ✔Ready to STOP SLIPPING AND SLIDING while maintaining focus and balance during your yoga practices

Purchase on Amazon at link below

ViveSole Full Length Orthotics Plantar Series

My husband is on his feet a lot during certain times of the year when he is on the sales floor. He has to dress professional. His dress shoes kill his feet so bad. So I gave him these ViveSole Full Length Orthotics. He does suffer with Planters fasciitis. I was going to try them out but he is on his feet more than me. I have spurs in my achilles tendon's. I did try them for a day and I did feel they contour to your feet and helped give me support while I was walking.  But as you can see from statement above I gave them to my husband because he needed them more than I did because his dress shoes do hurt his feet while he is on the floor during business. So they work well in dress shoes and tennis shoes. I would think about any shoe would be fine with them. Just trim them to your length.  Good thing about me and my husband we have the exact same length so they worked perfect for him. They are thick and cushiony, well made and appear to last for a long time. Well constructed and do contour to your feet. Giving you support and comfort when you need it most in your feet. Because if your like me if your feet hurt everything does. It's good to know you can count on these ViveSole Orthotics to help you out in that area. 

Combat Foot Pain and Plantar Fasciitis

- Arch support provides necessary lift and stability
- Poron heel and forefoot cushions for impact absorption
- Podiatrist Designed

  • PLANTAR SERIES - VIVEsole Plantar Series Orthotics were created for Plantar Fasciitis treatment. The specific combination of arch-support and impact cushioning will help you find relief.
  • PROVEN PODIATRIST DESIGN - Designed by podiatrists to help you combat foot pain. Proven by thousands of satisfied customers who order repeat pairs.
  • ANTI-MICROBIAL - The fabric naturally repels bacteria allowing for long-term freshness and all-day wear.
  • VERSATILE FIT: Will fit any athletic shoe, boot, or dress shoe for both men and women. Can be trimmed for custom fit.

You can purchase at link below 

Friday, June 19, 2015

Best LED Tail Light

We received these LED lights for my son's bike. So when he is traveling on his bike at dusk people will be able to see him. We also use it during camping on the bike trails. It's great to have lights that flash. For safety because that always comes first. They work great and were easy to put on our bike.

  • No tools required, Fits any sized seat post or bike frame, 3 Strapping Sizes. Elastic Rubber stretchable to fit on almost anything! This light can be strapped on your helmet, your backpack, your bike, your stroller, and your pet's collar. Be creative and strap it on anywhere.
  • The high-powered output will increase your visibility to the vehicles surround you in the dark. Visible 180 degrees, meaning the light is not only visible from the rear, but on both sides.
  • 3 Light modes: Solid, Fast-Strobe, Slow-Strobe
  • Water & Shock Proof - Runs on 2 X CR2023 Batteries

You can purchase on Amazon at link below 

VanDay Stainless Steel Coffee Mugs Tea Cup Double Wall Design (15 OZ)

Wow what a nice stainless steel mug. Very
 nice cup to drink your coffee in it or water. I love it so much. Very nice looking and everyone loves stainless steel. I would highly recommend this beautiful cup. Everyone
asked me where did you get that mug it's so nice. Very classy looking and different. 
Seem's to keep coffee warmer than just a normal mug. It is food safe, no lead, no BPA and no toxins.

  • High quality food grade 18/8 stainless steel and fine craftsmanship
  • Double-wall design with contour holding ear
  • Safe,Durable, Elegant, Practical, Low-Maintenance and Eco-Friendly
  • 15 oz

You can purchase at Amazon at link below

Check out their site on 111 World's Best Coffee Mugs. They have so many you won't be able to choose just one. They are all awesome. 

Check out 111 World's Best Cool Coffee Mugs to Collect

100% Copper Mug for Moscow Mule

I just lover copper mugs. They are so nice and keeps your drinks so cold. During the summer I just love using this cup. The 100% Copper Mug for Moscow Mule is the classic design. The 100% Hammered Pure Copper Thick Wall Mug is the carefully hammered designed mug. They are both very unique and stylish. These mugs are made of 100% pure copper. They contain no nickel, tin, or steel. These mugs hold 16 oz. of liquid.
My drinks are so super cold I just love it. If I could I would give everyone a copper cup.
Everyone needs to experience a mug like this. They would be shocked at how good it makes
your drinks taste. I would highly recommend

  • PURE, SOLID COPPER - No nickel, tin, or steel! Our copper mugs are only PURE copper, as your mule deserves! Go for the real deal - get the full experience.
  • GET HAMMERED - Each mug is carefully hammered to stunning perfection by hand. Thick walls and a classic 16oz size make this the perfect Moscow Mule mug!
  • ICEY ICE COLD - An authentic copper mug frosts up in seconds! These mugs get COLD - REALLY cold. Super refreshing with a Moscow Mule!

Moscow Mule Drink Recipe

1 1/2 cups Mint-Flavored Vodka, recipe follows
1 1/2 cups Ginger Simple Syrup, recipe follows
2 cups sparkling water
Garnish: fresh mint sprigs, lemon slices, lime slices

You can purchase on Amazon at link below

Thursday, June 18, 2015

CASELAST Premium Mosquito Repellent Bracelet + 2x FREE Refills

I live in an area that is surrounded by mosquitos. If I go outside I always get bit. It drives me crazy. I want to enjoy the outdoors but can't because of getting bit. My husband loves to go camping and I do as well but don't because of getting bit. He is lucky they never bite him but they always get me. Now I can go camping and get in my garden with the help of this Caselast mosquito repellent bracelet. I haven't had it very long but so far it's working pretty good. 

  • ✔ NO-SPRAY DEET-FREE TECHNOLOGY - You no longer have to spray yourself or your loved ones to protect against pesky mosquito bites. The product is DEET-FREE and is made of natural substances such as citronella, lavender, peppermint and geranium. The combination of these natural substances effectively disrupts a mosquito's ability to sense you!
  • ✔ BEST OUTDOOR PROTECTION - No more worrying about insects. Perfect for camping, fishing, traveling, gardening, BBQ and spending time outdoors. Very convenient to wear outdoors or indoors. Unlike other bracelets, ours has been thoroughly inspected and has safety certificates such as CE, ROHS, Reach, MSDS.
  • ✔ COMES WITH 2 FREE REFILLS - Each of them lasts for 15 or more days. When your refill is finished, just remove and replace it. No need to throw the bracelet away.
  • ✔ ADJUSTABLE TO ALL SIZES - The bracelet can be adjusted to fit children and adults of all ages. You no longer have to worry about finding the right size, thanks to the adjustable band. Can be also attached to your backpack, pant loop or stroller.

- Easy to wear and stylish. Manufactured with high-quality and comfortable fabric. The refills are placed under the protective mesh.
- Allows the skin to breath while it's worn.
- Free 30-Day protection included. Each refill lasts for 15 days. We're giving you 2 for free!
- Provides protection 24 hours a day.
- 100% natural and eco-friendly.
- Has 4 safety certificates.
- Adjustable, waterproof and refillable by replacing the repellent refill.
- Comes with an elegant packaging that can be used for storing the bracelet.

You can purchase at Amazon with link below

The Daily Painting by Carol Marine Review

The Daily Painting by Carol Marine is a very lovely book. I myself am an Artist so when I got the chance to review this book I was very excited. I had heard many good things about it. All things I had heard were very true. When the book arrived I was very impressed with the book itself. It was one of those books you just love holding in your hands. It has a great weight to it and feels wonderful. 

It's a great book on getting your juices flowing if you need a push in the right direction. It's perfect for beginners or professionals. The colorful illustrations are magnificent to look at. They give you guides to go by that help anyone out. 

The book guides you into starting simple and building from it. Cause sometimes you look at the big picture first you might feel overwhelmed but not with her instructions they keep it simple and build from there. Which is perfect way to teach anyone that wants to be an Artist.  She makes creating art interesting and that anyone can do it. 

The pages are full of beautiful images of paintings and sketches. Tips on how to do different ideas. I love the fact she can take an simple item such as an apple and create it into something magical. It makes someone want to create the same thing on their own. 
She makes you want to grab your art supplies and get going at it. Very lovely book and I would high recommend it. She is an inspiration and knows how to teach someone that wants to get into art or someone that has been into art for years. 

Disclosure: I received a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review through the Blogging for Books Program.

Monday, June 15, 2015

BriaUSA Dry Wet Amphibious Hanger Set of 10 Light Blue

BriaUSA Dry Wet Amphibious Hanger Set of 10 Light Blue

Really nice hangers for wet or dry clothes. I love the color choices you can pick. Set of 10 is great. We are always needing hangers in my household. Seem's like we are always running out. These came in handy. I love the fact you can use it for both wet and dry clothes. Cause sometimes you need to hang your clothes up to dry and not dry in clothes dryer. The hangers have anti-slip shoulders. The hook is a swivel hanger. They are slim so it gives good space. They are great for hanging pants because they wont slip off the hanger like some do. They are great for Suits, Jackets, Shirts, Pants, Blouses, Dresses & more. They are a durable and strong hanger that protects your clothes and brings organization to your closet.

  • UNIQUE S-SHAPED TOP; convenient & easy to hang clothes and avoids stretching collar. Ergonomically designed perfect adaption to human curve, keep clothes wrinkle free.
  • NON-SLIP SHOULDERS; prevents clothes from slipping, provide extra support for garments.
  • SWIVEL HOOKS; sturdy steel swiveling design attaches to the shoulders for easy maneuvering.
  • ABS Light Weight Hangers; Sturdy Dry/Wet Matte Finish, Money-back Satisfaction Guarantee
  • MULTI-PURPOSE; great for hanging pants, shirts, suits and jackets and accessories. Backed by full money back guarantee.

You can purchase on Amazon at link below 

100% Copper Mug for Moscow Mule

                          100% Copper Mug for Moscow Mule

I am just in love with Copper Mugs for Moscow Mule. They make the best drinks ever in my opinion. Your drink will be super cold and delicious like no other drink before. I think it's perfect for summertime. You can drink any type of drink in this copper mug. All your drinks will be frosty cold. Just make sure never to leave any drinks it in overnight and make sure you dry your mug after you hand wash it. I have learned that the hard way with using any copper mugs. I know if you're like me your going to want to take the best care of your copper mug for many years to come. I remember as a child my grandmother use to drink water in one before bed each night. I always remember asking if I could drink some water as well because it was so cold and delicious just made me want to drink it even more. 

  • PURE, SOLID COPPER - No nickel, tin, or steel! Our mugs are only PURE copper, as your mule deserves! Go for the real deal - get the full experience.
  • CLASSIC DESIGN - 16oz is the perfect size for a cocktail. This handcrafted mug is 3" wide by 4" tall without handle, 4.8" wide with handle. The handle is welded - no ugly rivets (LEAKS!). We use a FOOD-SAFE lacquer to help keep your mugs looking amazing!
  • ICEY ICE COLD - A real copper mug frosts up in seconds! These mugs get COLD - REALLY cold. Super refreshing with a Moscow Mule!

You can purchase on Amazon at link below

Premium Thick Microfiber Absorbent Fast Dry Cleaning Cloths for Kitchen

    Premium Thick Microfiber Absorbent Fast Dry Cleaning Cloths 

These microfibers clean very well. I can use them to clean my tv, glass, wood coffee table, kitchen counter, car or just about anything. They are great for washing car because they don't leave any fussy residue like some towels tend to do. Plus they absorb liquids great. They clean very well and wash up perfect. I can trust them to clean my glass cause there is no smears left on the mirror's after cleaning. I think they are great to use for about anything you can think of. Plus the fact they do not scratch any surfaces or my hands. 

You can purchase on Amazon at link below

  • SUPER SOFT 100% MICROFIBER CLOTHS - Ideal for spring cleaning task for home, cars, garage, office , windows, furniture, computer screen, phone , dry tables, dishes and monitor screens.
  • EXTRA ABSORBENT UP TO 4 TIMES IT'S OWN WEIGHT & DRYS FAST - Our high performance towels are 100% microfiber & tested in our labs to be ultra absorbent & drys 4 times faster than a regular cotton towel saving you time.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE & REUSED HUNDREDS OF TIMES - Allowing you to save money on paper towels and costly cleaner towels.
  • SOFT & DURABLE - Lint-free, streak-free cleaning; with a non-abrasive design that won't scratch surfaces, paints, or clear coats. Machine washable & dry fast for repeated use

Eco Defense Mosquito Repellent Bracelet

   Eco Defense Mosquito Repellent Bracelet

If you're like me and love the outdoors but it doesn't love you back because of the nasty Mosquito. Then your going to love this product. It's great for keeping them away from you because apparently they don't like the scent of Citronella, Eucalyptus, Lavender, and Mint Oils. These do have a strong smell of those ingredients. But you can enjoy the outdoors like I love to do. It's great to wear fishing, camping, gardening because those are the places that cause me the most discomfort. I can never enjoy myself. My husband never really has an issue with them biting him but I do. I now can go out and enjoy doing the things I love to do. 

  • ✔︎ NO MORE BITES - Stop getting attacked by mosquitoes every time you step foot outdoors. Eco Defense All Natural mosquito repellent bracelets are 100% guaranteed to help repel mosquitoes off.
  • ✔︎ ALL NATURAL - Eco Defense Mosquito Repellent Bracelet is infused with ALL NATURAL mosquito repellent oils; Citronella, Eucalyptus, Lavender, and Mint Oils provide long lasting protection without the dangers or typical mosquito repellents.
  • ✔︎ NO CHEMICALS OR SPRAYS - No DEET, No SPRAY, No Chemicals. Like All Eco Defense products our mosquito repellent bracelets are completely natural and safe. Safe for kids, adults, everyone in the family.
  • ✔︎ ENJOY THE OUTDOORS - Enjoy the outdoors again! Each pack contains 5 easily adjustable bracelets providing over 150 hours of protection!

You can purchase on Amazon at link below