Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Doggie iD Giveaway

I recently got the Doggie ID for my Dog. This is a great product to have because you never know when your dog might get lost. I know a few years ago my cat got outside and he didn't have an ID on him so it scared me so much because nobody would have known who he belonged too. But if I had of had this ID or one similar maybe I would have got him back a lot sooner. Thankfully I got lucky and he came back home. I know several people in my small town during the holidays when we have a 4th of July celebration have lost their dog for days or longer because the dogs ran away because the fireworks scared them. I think this is a must have for your pet. You can put your address and number. You can custom this with your dog's photo and the state he lives in. It's so cute cause it looks like a driver's license. Even has a little signature on it. It's laminated to keep it safe. Comes with hooks and link to the dog collar. 

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