Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Daily Painting by Carol Marine Review

The Daily Painting by Carol Marine is a very lovely book. I myself am an Artist so when I got the chance to review this book I was very excited. I had heard many good things about it. All things I had heard were very true. When the book arrived I was very impressed with the book itself. It was one of those books you just love holding in your hands. It has a great weight to it and feels wonderful. 

It's a great book on getting your juices flowing if you need a push in the right direction. It's perfect for beginners or professionals. The colorful illustrations are magnificent to look at. They give you guides to go by that help anyone out. 

The book guides you into starting simple and building from it. Cause sometimes you look at the big picture first you might feel overwhelmed but not with her instructions they keep it simple and build from there. Which is perfect way to teach anyone that wants to be an Artist.  She makes creating art interesting and that anyone can do it. 

The pages are full of beautiful images of paintings and sketches. Tips on how to do different ideas. I love the fact she can take an simple item such as an apple and create it into something magical. It makes someone want to create the same thing on their own. 
She makes you want to grab your art supplies and get going at it. Very lovely book and I would high recommend it. She is an inspiration and knows how to teach someone that wants to get into art or someone that has been into art for years. 

Disclosure: I received a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review through the Blogging for Books Program.

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