Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Greenwald's Glass and Window Cleaner Kit

Greenwald's Glass and Window Cleaner Kit

This glass cleaner what an amazing deal. It will last a long time. Not only that it works wonderfully. My husband went into the bathroom and said wow did you clean the mirror with that glass cleaner. I said yes, why? He says it looks better than you normally clean it. I thought so too cause there was no left marks or smudges on the glass. It was sparkling clean. That's the clean I like.

  • No Streak, Film Or Leftover Haze. Leaves Glass Crisp & Clear Without Water Stain Or Spots.
  • Excellent Cleaner For Auto, Windshield, Mirror, Household, Kitchen, Bathroom, Shower Doors, Outside
  • Lasts 6 Times Longer. Makes 6 32oz Bottles. Only $2.16 Per Refill. Saves On Cleaning Expenses.
  • Commercial Strength Removes The Toughest Grime And Dirt.

1. Fill your bottle with warm water.
2. Place one refill into the bottle.
3. Wait approximately 1 minute and gently shake.
It's That Easy!

You can purchase on Amazon at link below

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