Wednesday, June 10, 2015

PolarGel Cool Pillow Mat

This cool pillow mat is great it stays cool even if you put it in the fridge to make it even colder. It's great because I tend to get hot at night from just being hot natured or hot flashes. I also think it's great when you have a headache to lay on this cooling pad seems to help. It comes with two straps if you need to strap it to your pillow. I know a lot of women suffer like I do with hot flashes especially at night. This is on your head and I have always heard that is where you get hot the most and it controls your body temperature. Cause if you wear a beanie on your head it will help keep you warmer so if you put something cool on your head it should keep you cooler. So this is a great invention for anyone that suffers with night time sweats or just being hot natured at night. It will help keep you cool. Great product..

★ Removable NO SLIP STRAPS 
★ Even Cooler Feeling after refrigeration 
★ Healthier & Cost Effective - No need to have the aircon circulating stale air around your bedroom 
★ Compact - Folds to 7" x 12" ensuring a good night's sleep wherever you are 
★ Extra Large Width, 12" x 22" ensures your whole pillow is covered

You can purchase on Amazon at link below 

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