Friday, December 29, 2017

Ajazz GTC RGB Backlit Wired Mouse

I recently got this computer mouse to review. I was so excited to get this gaming mouse. 

Because it lights up with all different colors and it's really cool. 

But the issue is I received a dud because it doesn't work. So I was highly disappointed and I need to be completely honest in my review and that is it doesn't work so I can't say how it worked for me. 

All I can say is the below and that's what the sight says the mouse is suppose to do. 

I'll include all that information so you can better understand the mouse and make your own decisions like I said before mine didn't work and that was probably just a mishap.

 I am sure it works for others. 

You can purchase at link below

  • 【PROFESSIONAL STABLE DURABLE】Can set buttons, macro and color of the light as you like through the professional software. Professional high-accuracy optical sensor and aluminums alloy bottom plat allow you to do quick and high precision operations. It will become your trusted partner.

  • 【BEST HAND FEELING】 Streamline modeling, symmetric design on both sides, moderate size and weight, fits naturally in your hand. Top-level UV coating Technics, endowed the mouse with long-lasting soft surface and side face touch. The mouse will provide you the comfortable and delighted using experience all the time.

  • 【RGB LED BACK-LIGHT】Colorful RGB lighting zones from a spectrum of over 16.8 million colors, DPI buttons to change the default light color. Choose the color and the light mode you like freely, bring you wonderful visual experience and fun. Special button on the back to close the light.

  • 【BROAD COMPATIBLE】4 level default DPI correspond to 4 colors, 4 level adjustable polling rate, just plug and play, perfect for playing games, official using and daily using. Compatible with Windows XP 7/8/10 Mac OS Linux.

  • 【2 YEARS WARRANTY】2-Years Manufacturer's Warranty and Unconditional 30 days Money-back Guarantee. Any request or suggestion of our products, please feel free to advise us. Ajazz always focus on designing and making the best products and providing the best customer service.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

AuroTrends Microfiber Hair Towel

I recently got to review this microfiber towel. I know you have all seen them by now.

 They are really handy for us women with long hair. It's really nice for when we wash our hair and sit around playing on our phone or on the computer while waiting for our hair to dry. 

Seems that when you wear it after washing your hair that your hair will dry much faster.

 It's really easy to use and great for young girls and adults. Simple as 1,2,3 as shown in photo. 

I love using it while I put my make up on because not only does my hair dry much faster but it keeps my hair out of my eyes. 

Photo of me and my daughter drying out hair. Mine is purple and she took the pink. 

I love the fact the towels are super soft and luxurious.

 There's no picking on the skin like some towels do with your hands. I hate when that happens that is more annoying that static from towels.

 I haven't noticed any of those issues with these towels. I can run my hand across the towel with no issues. It's just so soft and smooth. 

Fit's any size and works great for drying your hair fast. They wash nicely and come out looking the exact same way.

You can purchase as link below

Cat Heating Pad Electric Warmer Pad Mat

I wish I had of know about this product when I had my 16 year old cat she always would lay on anything that produced heat it didn't matter if it was our DVD player or our Satellite box. Anything she found that produced heat she would lay on since she was elderly and needed heat to help her body just like anyone that has joint pain would use heating pads or muscle pads.

 I recently got to try out this heating pad for pets. I had never heard of such a thing but sounded like a great invention. Since our heating pads would be way too hot for our animals. 

I have a cat that is 10 years old. Pictured above named Samie. He's starting to need heat for his joints. I also have a dog that get's cold very easily. 

So this heating pad for pets works really well for them. It doesn't produce ex- stream heat like our heating pad would. It's more a Luke warm heat. Maybe like a towel out of the dryer when it's cooled off. 

I know my animals love to lay on it. They will curl up on it on a cold day. Samie and Rocky share it so you can imagine how they have to curl up with each other just to keep warm but with the heating pad helps them keep the warmth between them.

 I am sure it helps them just like it would with our joints. 

The power cord is nice and long with a metal cord protector so they will not want to chew it. 

The temp is adjustable 77-131'F with built in power surge protector. 

The heating pad comes with a cover that is washable. 

It does take about 20+ minutes to get ideal temp. Which you can set with the remote. 

You can purchase at the below link

Friday, December 8, 2017

Marilyn Monroe Womens Ladies Fleece Lined Footless Black Leggings With Lip Embroidery

These Marilyn Monroe Womens Ladies Black Leggings are great they are fleece lined. 

I love them. They are warm and not thin like some leggings. 

 They have the inside fleece material but they are lightweight. 

Plus they are Marilyn Monroe with a Lip Embroidery. Super cute and comfy.

Made with 95% Polyester, 5% Spandex. I like how comfortable they are versatile so you can dress them up with boots and a sweater. Of just wear as workout gear. So the style is up to you.

 You'll want to stay in them all day and they move with your body. 

 Not thin and see through like some leggings I have seen ladies wear.

 The inside is fleece lined and they are warmer than most leggings. I haven't noticed any sagging or slipping. 

I think they would make a great Christmas present or present for anyone that loves wearing leggings or if they are a fan of Marilyn Monroe. 

Great for exercise, yoga, for relax or go out in. 
They were easy to wash and I didn't notice any problems. 

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Travel Paint Brush Set with Brush holder Case Stand 15Pcs

I got these brushes to review they came in a 15 piece set. It comes with a case to store your brushes in and to travel with them. 

There's a round tip, angular, oval, comb, filbert, flat, and a fan brush. 
This paint brush set contains 15 pcs of professional paint brushes
Liner Detail: #1, #2
Fan: #3
Round Rigger: #4, #5, #6
Comb: #7
Filbert: #8, #15
Flat: #9, #10, #11, #14
Angular: #12, #13

I recently had someone ask if I could paint their Jesus Nativity Figurines for them. They were complete white when I got them. So I thought perfect time to test out these brushes.

 I found them to be very professional type brushes. 

I didn't have any shedding or cracks from putting in water like some brushes I have tried in the past. They held up very well because I had to use them over and over.

 They handled well in my hand with enough grip to give comfort. I found them to be lightweight but enough weight that they were easy to manage. 

When it came to cleaning it was simple and didn't take anytime.

 On the figurines I had lots of challenges from full detail to small tiny details. The brushes worked great for each task. 

You can purchase on Amazon at link below

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Lasten Plastic Jewelry Organizer

I do all types of Arts and Crafts. So I am always playing with little items. I love making jewelry.

 So this container is really handy for storing my pendents. 

 That I buy online and they come in these tiny bags. So it's hard to keep up with them. But with having a storage container it comes in handy so I always know where my pendents are. 

This plastic storage container has divided grids with about 36 adjustable slots. They are removable dividers to give you more room for whatever you want to store inside.

 They are great for small or bigger items. You could store jewelry, crafting supplies or odd and ends.

 The box is a hard plastic so its sturdy to use. It's clear as well so you can see what you have inside. 

Even men could use this container for fishing supplies or medication and or tools. The ideas are limitless on what you could store. 

Even kids that make bracelets could use this storage box for storing their needs. 

I like the fact the lid locks shut and it's sturdy. You can be happy that the box isn't going to come open on you by accident. 


Purchase On Amazon At Link Below 

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Tea Tree Oil Shampoo

I recent got to try out this Tea Tree Shampoo by Maple Holistics. My daughter has dry scalp but oily hair. So we thought we would give this a try. 

We have noticed that her dandruff is a lot less and her scalp irritations are not as bad. I also think it's helped with acne around the forehead. It's all gone. She says it's a cool sensation when she washes her hair in it. She has long beautiful hair now without all the flaking she once had. 

My husband might start using it because he liked the fact is says slows down hair loss and we all would love that idea. 


Aqua, Jojoba Oil, Botanical Keratin, Argan Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Lavender Oil, Rosemary Oil.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Zyllion ZMA13BK Shiatsu Pillow Massager

I have Fibromyalgia and was diagnosed back in 2000. I have lots of muscle pains and spasms. My back muscles get really tight and I need a massage to get the kinks out. But when I am alone and don't have anyone to help it can get really miserable. 
So recently I got to try out this massager by Zyllion ZMA13BK Shiatsu 
It really get's in there and get's all the muscles to relax. It's multiple purpose so I can use in all different areas of my body. For instance if my neck is bothering me or my thighs. I can put it in that area and use it. 
It's really easy to hook up as shown on back of the massager. It's easy to cut on with one button. It has a round rotating massage knobs. They really get in there and give a deep tissue massage. 
It doesn't take long to use until you have all the kinks out. 
My husband works out a lot and his muscles get sore and he loves using it after a good workout.

CONVENIENT STRAPS: Adjustable Multipurpose Handle Straps
These are good for if you sit allot at an office/Desk. Comes in very handy for that.

If your someone like my husband that travels and get's tight neck muscles it comes with straps you can use in your car seat along with the car charger adapters. The no-fuss adjustable straps are easy to use, allowing you to secure the ZMA-13 Pillow Massager to your favorite chair, sofa or car seat.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Iccker Can Opener

                 Iccker Can Opener - Smooth Edge Touch Safe Cut

I will be the first to admit it, it did take me awhile to figure this can opener out. But once I did I was like, Wow that was really simple. 

I was making it out to be much harder than it was. Plus the can cut all the way around leaving not edges so I wouldn't get cut or my dog when he tries to get into the trash can.

 Also there was no paper cut around the can that left papers inside my can. It was just a really clean cut. As you can see in photo I opened a couple of cans and they all were very clean cuts. 

I would recommend this can opener if you are tired of  the sharp edges or the lid following into your food. Which seems to happen with a lot of can openers. 

Instructions Below

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When I opened the tea lights each one had a battery clip on them so they were not using the battery during delivery. That way the battery life will last you if kept it in the package. 

There's 24 tea light candles so that is plenty to have on hand. I was surprised at the light just one little tea light candle gives out. 

I do think they give off a nice romantic relaxing type vibe. 

I look forward in using them throughout the days ahead. I think they would also be handy in case you have a power outage. At least there is enough light that you can use like a candle would display. 

These tea light candles are safe to use anywhere. You can use them as long as you want without worrying if you blew the candle out. 

They are all battery operated with lithium batteries. 

What's nice is they can transform a room into a special evening romantic wise for Anniversaries or special occasions.

 They are great for using inside and out. I think they are nice to sit around the tub when your relaxing. 

I love the fact that not only are they safe but they give off a flickering light just like a real candle.

 They come with pretty wraps with colors to choose from Copper, Silver, Gold, White and mixed with Ivory, Blush and Black. 

I think they are especially pretty if you sit them on top of a mirror top table. The reflection in the mirror is just beautiful. 

Below shows the correct way to do the paper Votives Wraps

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