Monday, September 25, 2017

Cute Dog Clothes Spring T-shirt Soft Dogs Clothes Pet Cat Clothing Summer Cotton Shirt Casual Coat

I got this shirt for my puppy from Babiesrhere. They sale all types of clothing for our little one's. My little Rocky loves wearing clothing. Which is great because he get's cold easily. This shirt is perfect for spring and summer since it's more of a tank top it is made of 100% cotton. It's cute with the words I love my mommy. They also sale I love my daddy and they have four colors to choose from. It's not only cute it's soft and comfortable for him. Gives him room so he can run and play freely. It was easy to put on him without any issues. He looks adorable in it. I am very fortunate that both my cat and dog wear the same size and they both love wearing clothes. I added photos of both my cat Samie and my dog Rocky in the same shirt.

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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Foam Balls for floam

My daughter loves making floam. This package I got to test out on Amazon I have to say is the ultimate package. I love how each color comes in a ziplock bag. Where as others we have purchased come loose and the balls will pour out and get everywhere. These are nicely placed in each bag. So you can keep them in the storage bag for when you want to use them. It's so fun for my daughter to make them and see how they look when she is done. They are relaxing to do and also very fun. Not only for my daughter but for me. I love how they crunch with you put your fingers through them.

PACKAGE INCLUDES -- Total 10 pack((1 pack white, 1 pack pink, 1 pack red, 1 pack blue,1 pack purple,1 pack yellow, 1 pack orange,1 pack mixed color) x 5000 pcs, 1 pack mixed color bigger size x 1000 pcs + "BONUS 300 pcs fruit Slice."

Light blue floam with white balls

Purple balls with white floam

Clear Slime with Fruit 

White floam with mixed balls

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Warm White Wine Bottle Cork Lights

I have done bottle lights for several years. But up until now I never knew this existed. These lights with the cork are amazing. I can't believe this is a dream come true. I have always had to get my bottles drilled for holes so I could string the lights through them. That was  a lot of work for my brother to do. I also had to string the lights throughout the bottles which was not an easy task. Now with these lights they go through the top and there is no cutting or drilling required. It's so simple and easy to put the light string through the bottle and I don't have to worry with hooking the light so it will shine through. Because the light goes straight down into the bottle. There's even a cork at the top that really seals the deal. I really love how simple and easy this is going to make my life with making bottle lights. The light is a soft romantic light. There's a on and off switch. Plus there is no more big bulky battery pack or a long cord to plug up. You can put the bottle anywhere with these lights. That's not all you can use the lights for decorating anything that you would like to have lights on such as a basket or flowers. Your imagination can run wild. 
Skyy Bottle
Sunflower lights

Beach lights
Bottle before lights

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RORAIMA Light Weight Backpacking Reclining Chair

This reclining chair is easy to set up. It's great for going camping, fishing, sporting events or the beach. As for my husband he loves going out on a pretty day to just relax. This is perfect for that purpose. It reclines or you can not use it. Really up to you. It's light weight and the color is navy blue with some red. It's made with a durable oxford fabric with strong mesh. The mesh is great for when you're maybe at the beach or pool and you have sand it will go straight throw and water will dry quickly. It has two cup holders. The headrest is detachable. I love the fact there is no logo on the product. Sometimes it's annoying when you see a big logo on a product. But with this reclining chair there is nothing there to annoy you with. There's a side pocket great for storing the bag or any items you have. I will note that the chair only holds up to 200 lbs. The size of the chair is Size L 59" X W 22" X H 29.92"


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Thursday, September 21, 2017

2 Pack Mini Styrofoam Balls 2-4mm

My daughter loves making slime and floam. So I was excited for her when we got the chance to try out these two packs of the mini styrofoam balls. These came in white and multi color. My daughter decided to do the white styrofoam balls and put them with some light blue floam. It turned out great. So fun to make and play with. It's relaxing and crafty. It's fun to feel the crackling beads in the floam. Make it pop and swirl it. Gives many teenagers and adults a great way to escape with crafts or making floam. It seems to be the biggest craze going on right now among teenage girls and even some boys. Only issue we came upon while using this is we wish it came in zip lock bags. It would have made it easier. The beads kept falling out of the plastic. We transferred the foam beads to a ziplock bag of our own. Other than that they worked great and was really fun to play with. 

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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Fruit Basket,Jaminer Collapsible Bamboo Basket for Fruit and Vegetable Basket

This bamboo basket is great for holding fruits, veggies or even bread. It looks nice with the bamboo wood. It is collapsible so it's easy for storage. It was easy to put together and sits nicely wherever you want to display it.

  • Size:12” x 11” x 9”,Weight:0.3kg

Monday, September 18, 2017

Salad Cutter Bowl 60 Seconds Salad Maker by WEBSUN


I don't know why but this reminds me of something that was back in the days from tupperware. I think about a half a head of lettuce would fit into the bowl. When using any liquid type veggies or fruits I would be aware that it might leak like it did with mine. But other wise it was easy to cut the lettuce up and then make a salad. Me and my husband are always making salads. So when just one of us needs a salad real quick we can do so using this salad cutter. Making it quick and easy to use. It's easy to clean and store. Simply rinse and go. 

  • Fast & Easy: Making fresh and healthy salad is no longer a chore. Rinse, chop and serve almost any salad in seconds with our ungraded 60s Salad Maker.

  • Much Easier for Use: Two Rotation Wings added to both sides enable you to rotate the top easily. Only takes 1 finger to rotate the top while the other hand holds the bottom base.

Cat Or Dog Playing Ball Sisal Ring Rope Ball


In the video above you can see Rocky's first reaction to the ball toy. He couldn't wait until I could talk about it. It was like he knew right away this was his toy. He wanted it as soon as he laid his eyes on it. As you can see he is all up on the ball as I am holding it in my hand. That's how excited he was over the ball. Rocky loves going fetch and playing with balls. So he becomes obsessed if you show him a ball. As you can see in the video he is having a great time. It gives him good stimulation so he can get his energy out. When he's not playing our cat Samie loves playing with it and he especially loves the feathers on it. So both our pets are getting enjoyment over the toy. 
We have so much fun playing fetch with this ball. It's easy to throw and it's light weight and we can throw it in the house and the animals can have fun with it. The colors are orange and rope color. With the feathers being pink, green and yellow. The bright colors make it exciting and fun. There's other colors to choose from. I will list those options below 

A little update as you can see in the little clip 

That Rocky is in love with the ball and nobody can have it but him. 

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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Light Weight Backpacking Reclining/Lounging Camping Folding Chair

This reclining chair is great for camping, fishing, sporting events and etc. It's lightweight and looks great. It comes with a carrying bag. It does have two cup holders and a headrest that is removeable. The only thing I wish was different is if it held more weight. It only holds 200 lbs or less. But you can change the chair from regular sitting to reclining. With that being said it's a nice chair and the color is great. We go camping a lot, to sporting events and to cookouts at family events. This works great because we can put in the carry bag and store in our car and get it out when we need it. It's lightweight so it's not uncomfortable to carry. Works great and we enjoy it. 

Even your animals will love sitting in it

#campingchair #recliningcampingchair

Thursday, September 14, 2017

360° Panoramic Wireless IP Camera

I recently got to test out the monitoring device. It has a lot of functions. Comes with remote access, two way radio and day and night time view. It's great to have on your phone because you can check from anywhere. We wanted to use it for outside view. It's mostly used for inside but we fixed it so we could scan our outdoor area. Below you can see my view from my phone and then a full view. You also have the option of the 3D view. I like the fact you can scroll using your phone app. I also like the fact you can zoom in and out of video, stop and start record, take pictures. It did take a little while to set up that was the only difficult part about it. 

Friday, September 1, 2017

2 Piece Professional Foot File Set-Double Sided Callus Remover

As long as I can remember I have had bad callused feet. I guess it was from walking around barefoot all my life growing up. Sometimes it can get very painful if they become cracked. I have tried all types of things for my feet. I have used those callus spin removers they work at first but then all of a sudden they stop. So I was excited to try these paddles out because they look like what they have at the nail salon when I have got a Pedicure. They fit in your hand just right they are not over big or short. They just fit right into your hand. One paddle looks like a cheese grader it really get's in there and shaves the dry cracked skin. The other is more like a file and  it will smooth your feet out after you scrape your feet so to speak. I am really pleased at how nice my feet look using this and it does work. 

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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Makeup Brush Cleaner

We all know if you use makeup that our brushes get really dirty and can have bacteria in them. This simple brush clean makes cleaning brushes fast and easy. All you have to do is put your water and cleaning solution in the bowl. Fit the proper brush into the collar. Dip your brush into the liquid and turn spinner on and let it spin. Then rinse the brush. Then you can just spin your brush to dry. I am an artist been thinking this might work for my art brushes as well. I might have to give that a try. 

How to work:
1. Put some water and soap or baby shampoo into the bowl.
2. Find the suitable collars and insert the brush into the spinner.
3. Dip and dunk the brush in the liquid for 10s.
4. Turn on the spinner, spin the brush to clean.
5. With clear water and clean again.
6. Spin the brush to dry it about 5s.

Package including:
1*Brush Spinner
1*Attachment spindle
1*Brush Spinner Bowl
1*Silicone seal and splash guard‘neck’
8*Brush Collars(different sizes)
1*Collar stand
1*Instruction leaflet

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Women Cold Shoulder Flounce Short Flutter Sleeve

Right now all the craze in style is cold shoulder key hole type shirts. I recently got this shirt to test out. I gave it to my daughter since she is in High School. She thought it was very stylish. It has a long flowing style in the back. The material is very soft and comfortable. After washing it came out just as nice as before. Looks great with leggings, jeggings or capres. 

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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Himalayan Salt Lamps with Wood Base

It seems that Himalayan Salt lamps are all the rage these days. I know my sister in law has one and she loves her's. She feels it gives her more energy and likes to think it does all the health qualities it says it does. So I was so excited when I got to test one out from COZYSWAN. 

It uses a 15-watt bulb and comes with a 6 feet cord and has a dimmer to adjust the brightness. It gives off a  warm golden-amber glow. Which is relaxing like a fireplace in the winter months. Just the presence of it makes me feel at peace. Everyone that has seen it always ask about it and want to know more. 
What I have read is emits negative ions that fight against electromagnetic radiation, fights fatigue and sluggishness; improve health ability; increase the flow of oxygen to the brain; sleep better & wake refreshed; soothe allergies. I haven't had it long enough to notice any of the benefits yet. But I look forward to them. But for now I enjoy the loveliness of the light. 

::::note: I would note that I would put it aways from animals because some will try to lick it and that will not be good for our animal family. Too much salt will dehydrate. 

If you're interested in this Himalayan Salt Lamp you can purchase on Amazon with link below

Friday, July 7, 2017

Bluetooth Headphones

Recently I got to try out these bluetooth headphones. I found them to be really great quality. They have wonderful sound quality while I am working out. This was the main reason I was excited to try them since I didn't want a big cord to get in my way while I am exercising. It was nice to find they came with three different ear piece tips. They also came with a smooth soft pouch which is great for me to put my earphones in and throw in my gym bag. The other great factor is I can wear them while I am in the pool which is awesome. I don't have to worry with water getting on them. They are comfortable to wear and stay in place. The Bluetooth has great range levels so it picks up from my phone. It was easy to figure out just connect using my phone and set my music to play and I was done. I would highly recommend these if you're wanting something for handsfree use. 

  • Bluetooth 4.1 Earphone with Long Battery Life: Universal for most all Bluetooth enabled device such as iPhone, iPad, Android cell Phones, Windows Phones, etc. 30 feet seamless connection. 6-8 hours Music Play and 200 hours stand-by with a quick charge of only 2 hours.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Gotham 9" Pan Review

I know you have SEEN ON TV this Gotham pan. I got to try it out and give my honest review. First thing I noticed was the nice copper color of the pan with the bottom made so heat is evenly distributed. It gives you the options of using butter or nothing at all. So it's a must have for someone trying to watch their weight or eating healthy. Make sure you cook on low to medium heat. Nothing sticks and everything slides out. The best part is really no clean up. Very easy pan to clean. Plus it's dishwasher safe. But I have not used the dishwasher yet because it was so easy to just wipe out. 

  • Combines non-stick ceramic with super strong titanium
  • Everything slides right off — No oil or butter needed
  • Safe for use with metal utensils
  • Oven safe up to 500°
  • Dishwasher safe


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Check out Gotham Pans

Recipes are also included on their website

Sunday, January 8, 2017

2.44"Tall Ballerina Figurine Sitting Down Room Decorations

A Beautiful figurine of a ballerina. She is 2.44" tall. Just simple adorable. Would make a great gift for that special lady in your life. Young or mature anyone would love this. She is perfect in everyway. She is greatly detailed and lovely. I like the ballerina is perfect head to toe. I just love her. 

**** NOTE: As a sign of full disclosure, I did receive this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review. I received no financial compensation for this review. It’s based solely on my personal experience with the product and is my opinion alone. I have no affiliation with the seller or the manufacturer. I work very hard to provide thoughtful, honest and instructive reviews for every item. ****