Monday, June 15, 2015

BriaUSA Dry Wet Amphibious Hanger Set of 10 Light Blue

BriaUSA Dry Wet Amphibious Hanger Set of 10 Light Blue

Really nice hangers for wet or dry clothes. I love the color choices you can pick. Set of 10 is great. We are always needing hangers in my household. Seem's like we are always running out. These came in handy. I love the fact you can use it for both wet and dry clothes. Cause sometimes you need to hang your clothes up to dry and not dry in clothes dryer. The hangers have anti-slip shoulders. The hook is a swivel hanger. They are slim so it gives good space. They are great for hanging pants because they wont slip off the hanger like some do. They are great for Suits, Jackets, Shirts, Pants, Blouses, Dresses & more. They are a durable and strong hanger that protects your clothes and brings organization to your closet.

  • UNIQUE S-SHAPED TOP; convenient & easy to hang clothes and avoids stretching collar. Ergonomically designed perfect adaption to human curve, keep clothes wrinkle free.
  • NON-SLIP SHOULDERS; prevents clothes from slipping, provide extra support for garments.
  • SWIVEL HOOKS; sturdy steel swiveling design attaches to the shoulders for easy maneuvering.
  • ABS Light Weight Hangers; Sturdy Dry/Wet Matte Finish, Money-back Satisfaction Guarantee
  • MULTI-PURPOSE; great for hanging pants, shirts, suits and jackets and accessories. Backed by full money back guarantee.

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