Monday, March 23, 2015

Super-Cat Kitty Condo


                    Super-Cat  Kitty  Condos 

As all cat owners know our fur-babies love boxes. What better way than to get the Super Cat 
Kitty Condo so they can have their own establishment. Super-cat Kitty Condo's are the ultimate build-your-own place space for cats!

 With tunnels and extra condos to build a unique habitat for your cat to explore. It brings out your cat's natural instinct of hunting, stalking and pouncing by hiding toys, catnip and mice throughout your Super-cat Kitty Condo! Or just adding some padding like we did so our kitties would have a comfortable spot in case they want to take a nap. My two cat's Samie and Snow love to hide and sleep in their kitty condo.  

It came with Catnip Spray so our cats are always rubbing up against it and smelling it. It did come with an add-On Tunnel but our cats preferred not to have it connected.  Personally I think it's because they are jealous of each other and have to do the exact same thing. Since we received the Kitty Condo our cat Snow which is the big white cat goes into the condo every night to sleep. He has claimed it as his bed at night. Our cat Samie the smaller cat prefers taking naps in it during the day but either way they enjoy their kitty condo. Link below to where you can purchase the exact condo or even go more bold with add on's and set's.


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