Sunday, March 1, 2015


Recently my preteen daughter got to try Bellaboo Buff skin #2. You can actually purchase the entire starter kit as well. But we were fortunate for her to try the Buff skin one. First thing we noticed was the package it is so cute and everyone knows pre/teen girls are all about the package. My daughter and I both got a chuckle out of Totally Awesome and Totally Works. We got to try this at a perfect time since she has started to get a few blackheads and a little acne from time to time. Which is to be expected in most teen girls and some boys. All you do is wet your face and  apply a small amount to a wash cloth or sponge  It easily forms a nice lather and goes to work cleaning your face. It has a nice clean mint like smell to it. This product is not harsh on her skin like many other acne products can be. Her skin felt nice and smooth. It left a clean cool feeling to her skin.  It works well at removing dead and dry skin without drying out her skin.  Left her skin nice and smooth. She really likes this product and wants the entire kit now.

A little information about he product it has Micro-particles of finely ground Indian Bamboo extract and Rice Bran Powder that buff away dead skin cells and absorb dirt and oil. This will help prevent pore blockages (the main cause of pimples). It also helps regulate oil production, brighten skin tone, and revive skin smoothly and flawlessly.

  • It is specially formulated for teens and tweens
    All natural ingredients including soothing botanicals
    Ground bamboo and rice bran powder
    Buffs dead skin cells and absorbs dirt and oil
    Paraben, petrochemical, and sulfate free
* Received from Tomoson to try for our unbiased opioion

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