Thursday, March 26, 2015

Premium Leather Workout Gloves for Gym, Fitness and Cross Training

My husband was in need of weightlifting gloves. He goes through a lot of workout gloves. He said they work great and give support around the wrist with the Velcro straps. The gloves are very well made They fit great and do what they are suppose to do. My husband has gone through a lot of workout gloves. The are well cushioned and he get's a good grip on the weights or handles of the equipment. While he's working out. The velcro closure around the wrist gives great flexibility so you can adjust to your preference. They have met our expectation. More info below. Premium Goat Skin Leather Gym Glove protects the palm of your hand against abrasions, callus and blisters Ergonomically designed with double Foam underlined Leather padding Double stitching for reinforced durability Unrivaled Grip Performance Elastic 4-way stretch Towel and Lycra on the back of the Hand.

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