Friday, March 13, 2015


These nylon incontinence panties come in a very nice selection. From cotton to nylon. I think I would rather have these in cotton because during hotter weather I would think if you had a bladder leakage it wouldn't be a great combo. I think the padding is quit thick which would probably be great for someone with more a serious problem they will protect quite well and they are fully washable. I also would think it might be a great idea for those ladies that have a heavy monthly and would like a little extra protection at night or on heavy days. So I say they are also kind of like a liner back up. The lace on these panties are very pretty. Love the look and feel of these lace trimmed nylon incontinence panties. Received from Tomoson for my unbiased opinion. My Mother in law really likes them and thinks they are nicer looking than most incontinence panties. Great for traveling when you might have a leakage.

  • Discover security and great value
  • Moderate protection for daytime use
  • Ultra-feminine, pretty lace styling
  • Comfortable, washable nylon

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