Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Milani Leaf Green

When I first saw this color someone had showed on YouTube. I just knew I had to try it. I couldn't wait. I went the next morning to CVS while the sale was going on. I finally found it after moving a cart that was hiding it. I bought several of the colors of Milani. But they only had one of the Leaf Green. Usually if I find a good deal I will get my best friend Lesli one as well. But there was only one at that store. So hopefully I will be able to find it again before the sale ends. I was amazed at how pigment the color is. You can apply it wet or dry. The photo above is of it being applied dry. The photo doesn't even give it justice. I am beyond pleased with it. I had never wore the color before but I love how it makes brown eyes pop. Totally gorgeous.
Just an update I went to another CVS and found another leaf green. There was only one left, so bingo..

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