Monday, July 7, 2014

Dove 7 Day Face Challenge

I decided to do this on my own. Nobody has paid me to do this challenge. I kept seeing the commercial on TV take the Dove 7 Day Face Challenge. This evening I used it the first time in a very long time. My normal go to facial bar is Cetaphil which has been my favorite for years. But lately my face has gotten so rough with combination skin. I don't like how it's looking. I saw the commercial for Dove maybe for the 10th time and decided maybe this is what I needed to try. My first day using it. I can say it lathers really good. Very soft and silky in my hands. Loved the lathering to it. I always rinse my face in cold water cause that's been my trick for years cause warm water breaks me out. I lathered my face up in a circle motion. I rinsed twice with a wash clothe and cold water. It left my face just like how it felt in my hands soft and silky. I am looking forward in using it for 6 for days and see how much of a difference it can be on my skin. Stay tuned...

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