Thursday, August 7, 2014

Find Out Your Sleep Number

The first day I went to the Sleep Number store they were so busy I decided to come back another day. So today I went in and the lady that greeted me was the exact lady I talked to on the busy day. She remembered me. She said she was glad I came back and she had plenty of time to help me cause they were not busy at all. She had me lay down on the bed and she put it all the way up to 100. I laid there and she lowered the number all the way to 35 and then all the way back to when I thought it would be 100. I stopped her at 88. I was wrong cause I thought it was firm. Then she went back to 100. She lowered it down until I was comfortable. I stopped her at 45. She then showed me on the computer what it recommended and to her surprise and mine I was exactly at the point I needed to be. So 45 is my sleep number. I have the most pressure in my neck and shoulders which doesn't shock me and my lower back. Which even with 45 it still has a slight transparent discomfort but that's okay cause there is no correct number its what you are comfortable with. I was very impressed with the bed. I also learned that your body changes of course through your life and at this moment in time a 45 maybe correct for me but when I get older I may want a softer or firmer bed. It's all computer generated which is amazing. The lady that helped me find my sleep number's name was Susan. She was very nice and informative. I really enjoyed my experience.

Sleep Number Smiley360

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