Friday, June 17, 2016

Travel Umbrella Strong Waterproof/Uv protection

These are amazing. Have you ever been running to your car and you need to get in because it's pouring down rain but you have to put the umbrella down. Well this is just like what I have seen on tv. You don't have to worry about that issue again because you can just get in your car and stick the umbrella up and sit down in car and get right in without having to fold it down and get wet. It kind of beats the purpose the old way with umbrellas but with this new style that will never be an issue again. I really like it and it works great. More information below and link on Amazon where you can purchase it. I received for free at at a discount.

  • Once you arrive home, you can empty out the water into your water tank or water butt, neatly saving the environment
  • When it's closed, instead of having a single point the umbrella has multiple points and is self standing, removing the need for an umbrella stand
  • The inverted umbrella is an innovative umbrella that keeps rain away and does not expose you to the wet side of it when you close it. That means you will stay dry after you are done with it
  • This inverted umbrella is fairly identical to a standard umbrella which has inverted due to high winds, apart from the fact that the mechanism is reworked to support it better in this shape and allow easy folding
  • Inverted Umbrella + Umbrella Waterproof Cover for car as one Set: New inverted design, it opens and closes apex down, making getting into and out of a car or other covered area much easier all while shielding you from the rain longer

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