Sunday, July 31, 2016

Ivation Digital Humidifier w/LCD Control Panel

My son has asthma and allergies. He also has to use a humidifier. The old School type are so big and bulky and so inconvenience. It was a nice change to have this to try out in our family. It's such a nice size he can take it with him if he away from home. This humidifier is great because it has digital readings. It's adjustable so you can set the timer for either cool or heat function. My son doesn't have to worry with waking up with a dry sore hoarse throat in the mornings like before. He can also breath comfortable throughout the night. One of the things we like it's that you don't have to use distilled water because that can get expensive especially if you use it every night like he does. With this machine just use the tap water and it works great. 

  • IMPROVES AIR QUALITY IN HOME, OFFICE, RV & MORE - Powerful Humidifier Disperses Water Vapor to Restore Healthy Moisture Throughout Your Space; High Range Coverage Helps You Combat Cold, Breathe Easier & Reduce Snoring
  • ALL-SEASON RELIEF FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY - Improve Dry Winter Conditions to Alleviate Chapped Lips, Bloody Nose, Dry Skin, Hoarse Voice & Other Cold- Weather Ailments; Mist Comforts Sinuses & Opens Passageways
  • INTUITIVE DIGITAL CONTROLS - Sleek, Advanced LCD Touch Display Enables You to Adjust Mist Volume, Humidity Setting, Timer, Cool/Heat Function & More; Highly Accurate Sensors Ensure an Optimal Environment to Suit Your Needs
  • ADVANCED SETTINGS FOR USER CONVENIENCE - Features Normal, Turbo, Sleep & Auto Modes; Set Timer From 1 to 8 Hours to Control Air Quality During Nighttime; Auto Mode Routinely Powers On/Off to Maintain Humidity Level & Save Energy
  • VERSATILE HEALING POWER - Regulating Proper Moisture Conditions is Beneficial for Children, Adults, Pets, Houseplants, Furniture, Art, Hardwood Floors & More; Elegant Design Fits Seamlessly in Bedroom, Living Room & Family Room

Disclaimer: I received this product /at a discount rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. All opinions are based on personal use and are not in any way influenced by the seller.

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