Tuesday, August 2, 2016

UNIFUN Hose Splitter

This 2 way hose splitter is a must to have in your yard. Our house only has 1 faucet so this is perfect for that solution because it hooks right onto the faucet and then gives you two split valves to use with your hose for two different ways. We are always using one for our pool from washing the filter, adding more water or vacuuming it. The other line I can water my flowers or wash the car. A lot more uses for the second line since we use that one mostly for the pool. We can also hook our camper up with water for when our family are visiting. So there is fresh running water for them. The the other valve we can do whatever we need to outside without bothering the camper. 

How To Use: 
1. Connect this water splitter with your spigot.
2. Connect two hoses on splitter. 
3. Open your spigot. Run 2 water flow from 1 spigot, one or two shut off valves to control water flow what you needed. 
4. Close your spigot and shut off valves after using.

  • High Quality: Zinc Alloy Body, the 2 Way Hose Splitter is made of lead free, rustproof material, TPR bi-color encapsulates.
  • Super Convenient: Y Hose Splitter easily converts 1 spigot into 2 water sources, never need to constantly swap out one hose for another.
  • High Cost Performance Water Saving: 10 Rubber Washers and 2 Nipples offered! These small things will also help to save much water without paying a penny for them.
  • Easy to Install and Use: Plug and play with ease, screw the connector into your faucet, connect your hoses, then turn on or off the tap with ease.
  • Widely Use: UNIFUN 2 Way Hose Splitter is a high-quality product, great for garden, lawn and home.

Disclaimer: I received this product /at a discount rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. All opinions are based on personal use and are not in any way influenced by the seller.

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