Monday, October 10, 2016

AITA BT804 Multifuntional Handfree Stereo Bluetooth Wireless Over-ear Gaming Headphone

These headphones are great because they are bluetooth. Not many of these types of headphones are bluetooth. They usually have the annoying cord but not these are wireless. I love that factor. They are great using as gaming or just listening to music. They have a great sound quality. They fit nice and are comfortable. The battery life is good around 24 hours give or take. Nice fun colors to choose from. I really like them and would recommend. 

NOTE: As a sign of full disclosure, I did receive this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review. I received no financial compensation for this review. It’s based solely on my personal experience with the product and is my opinion alone. I have no affiliation with the seller or the manufacturer. I work very hard to provide thoughtful, honest and instructive reviews for every item.

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