Thursday, July 30, 2015

Picnic Table Cloth Plastic Reusable for Indoor Outdoor Parties

This is a perfect table cloth to take with us when we go camping. It keeps the table clean and the clamps keep the tablecloth from flying away if there was the be wind. In our case there usually is because we love camping at the beach. The tablecloth is big enough to cover a big picnic table. Plus It's easy to wipe up to clean and use again. I love the fact we can reuse it for our next camping adventure. 

  • CLASSIC, CLEAN & CUTE GINGHAM CHECKERED PATTERN - the simplicity and sharp look of this checkered red and white pattern tablecloth is perfect for your outdoor parties and meals. This traditional decorative pattern quietly conjures a "clean" aura beneath your bowls and dishes, a subtle reflection of the quality you put into your home cooked meal. (There's a reason these small square pattern reusable tables cloths were used by your mom and grandma for years.) AMERICAN TESTED AND APPROVED!
  • EASY TO WIPE CLEAN VINYL AND COTTON LINEN STITCHING - Vinyl plastic picnic table cloths are reusable and much more durable than the cheap, chemical laden bulk plastic others call a table cloth. These tablecloths come with stitched edges so they don't fray or stretch (and it maintains that quality look at the same time). These cloths have even been used for outdoor weddings and indoor social events! Don't let an ugly table dampen the mood you've created on a sunny day :)
  • REUSABLE AND DURABLE - This 54 x 72 inch ( 4.5 foot x 6 foot ) rectangle table cloth is built of extra thick vinyl that ensures it will last weekend after weekend throughout the summer. Where other vinyl tablecloths tear before you finish setting the table, Harvey's picnic table cloth is completely reusable throughout the camping, picnic and beach season. Waterproof and wipeable, you don't have to waste time washing this table cloth like expensive fabric cloths. (The kids can spill all over it too - no problem.) This is the vinyl tablecloth that has a disposable price, yet gives you a whole summer of dinners and durability. Plan your perfect picnic and host guests again and again...
  • BONUS: SIX PIECE STAINLESS STEEL CLAMP SET holds down your reusable table cloth on the most blustery day. These rust resistant holder clips clasp around the thickest table (up to 2 inches thick ) and prevent the tablecloth from bunching up your perfect meal. They are discreet, out of sight and don't interfere while your guests are eating. AND they are great for folding up the table cloth if it is longer than the large State Park's picnic table you can't see until you get there. Eliminate the mess of misplaced table weights, and do not cut fuss over cutting an extra long table cloth - simply fold it and hold it in place with these reusable clamps that will last longer than your picnic table. It's non slip on your table or in your kitchen. Easy to wash, store and reuse...

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