Thursday, July 30, 2015

Pool Skimmer For Above Ground Swimming Pools by Aquatix Pro

I have had a pool for years and this is the first swimming pool skimmer that I have tried that I absolutely love. It is perfect. When I say perfect I mean it has such fine mesh that it picks up all the debris easily. It also is unlike most skimmers where they usually have a tight net this one is more loose like the one's you would catch a fish with which makes it work so much better. Because all you have to do to get the debris off your net is shake just a little bit. With other one's a lot of debris stays stuck and ends up back in the pool. It is sturdy and lightweight. It has a good adjustable reach to it. I have to say one of the best I have tried.

  • BIG REACH: The Pool Skimmer Expands to 4 Feet When Fully Stretched
  • ADJUSTABLE: Retractable Telescopic Pole, Easily Extend From 60cm to 120cm By Adjusting The Clips
  • QUALITY: Premium Quality Aluminium Pole With Strong Grip Handle
  • FINE MESH: Above Ground Pool Skimmer With Quality Mesh Material Allows Easy Cleaning
  • STRONG FRAME: Sturdy Frame For Smooth and Easy Removal of Leafs.

You can purchase at Amazon at link below

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