Friday, July 7, 2017

Bluetooth Headphones

Recently I got to try out these bluetooth headphones. I found them to be really great quality. They have wonderful sound quality while I am working out. This was the main reason I was excited to try them since I didn't want a big cord to get in my way while I am exercising. It was nice to find they came with three different ear piece tips. They also came with a smooth soft pouch which is great for me to put my earphones in and throw in my gym bag. The other great factor is I can wear them while I am in the pool which is awesome. I don't have to worry with water getting on them. They are comfortable to wear and stay in place. The Bluetooth has great range levels so it picks up from my phone. It was easy to figure out just connect using my phone and set my music to play and I was done. I would highly recommend these if you're wanting something for handsfree use. 

  • Bluetooth 4.1 Earphone with Long Battery Life: Universal for most all Bluetooth enabled device such as iPhone, iPad, Android cell Phones, Windows Phones, etc. 30 feet seamless connection. 6-8 hours Music Play and 200 hours stand-by with a quick charge of only 2 hours.

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