Saturday, July 15, 2017

Himalayan Salt Lamps with Wood Base

It seems that Himalayan Salt lamps are all the rage these days. I know my sister in law has one and she loves her's. She feels it gives her more energy and likes to think it does all the health qualities it says it does. So I was so excited when I got to test one out from COZYSWAN. 

It uses a 15-watt bulb and comes with a 6 feet cord and has a dimmer to adjust the brightness. It gives off a  warm golden-amber glow. Which is relaxing like a fireplace in the winter months. Just the presence of it makes me feel at peace. Everyone that has seen it always ask about it and want to know more. 
What I have read is emits negative ions that fight against electromagnetic radiation, fights fatigue and sluggishness; improve health ability; increase the flow of oxygen to the brain; sleep better & wake refreshed; soothe allergies. I haven't had it long enough to notice any of the benefits yet. But I look forward to them. But for now I enjoy the loveliness of the light. 

::::note: I would note that I would put it aways from animals because some will try to lick it and that will not be good for our animal family. Too much salt will dehydrate. 

If you're interested in this Himalayan Salt Lamp you can purchase on Amazon with link below

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