Monday, October 6, 2014

Wellesse Vitamins

  I was very fortunate recently I got to try a great line of products from a company called Wellesse. Wellesse Liquid Supplements can nourish active bodies with fast absorbing, great tasting liquid supplements. They have been doing this over 25 years, they are committed to producing a premium line of liquid nutritional supplements to make it easier for us to stay active at every stage of life. I don't know about you but at some point in each and every one of our lives we have had to take a pill that was difficult to swallow either it be too large or just nasty all around. I found out with these liquid supplements so much more easier to take and so many benefits just alone in it being a liquid for.. I know I must rather swallow a liquid that I can put in a drink or just straight drink from the cup. Another thing I found about the Wellesse vitamins they have a cup that has the weekdays on the cup so it makes it much more easier to stay on track on the day's you take your vitamins so you don't have to do guess work. I highly recommend these vitamins.

  •  Fast Absorbing Easy to Swallow
  •  Easy to Digest Great Tasting
  •  Just 1 oz or less a day

 Taking Wellesse Liquid Supplements we don't have to worry about taking big pills or tablets to swallow multiple times per day. Wellesse Liquid Supplements may be taken directly or mixed with water, juice or your favorite smoothie or shake

   My Little Gem 
Before I let you go let me tell you about my little gem I found in this group of supplements. It's the Vitamin B12 liquid. I have Fibromyalgia along with chronic fatigue. So I suffer with exhaustion quit a bit. Whenever I need a pick me up all I got to do is take this out of my purse. Squeeze the dropper and put under my tongue. It gives me a boost that helps me get throughout my day.

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