Monday, November 10, 2014



 I resonantly got to try these products from Creekside. Our daughter is a straight A student but she has trouble when it comes to test. What is called test anxiety. We have noticed that since trying this she is doing so much better and not so afraid she's going to do bad on the test. So we don't use it daily just on days near a test.

She also has trouble sleeping. This product is amazing. She use to wake up in the morning very grouchy. I would call her Miss Grouch she was so bad. But now she wakes up more rested and not so cranky in the morning. The ingredients are safe. I wish we had this when our son was small because he had ADHD and that would have helped us out so much. 

The lavender is the top note with Ylang Ylang. Very nice scent. We spray it on our pillows before bed and it helps calm us down into a relaxing sleep. Really enjoy it. 

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