Thursday, January 15, 2015

Creekside Natural Therapeutics

 Recently I got to try out some wonderful Organic Essential oils from Creekside Natural Therapeutics company it is by far my favorite company to work with. They offer wide variety of choices especially great for children. Sometimes we need things to help with our children and we want to go the natural healthy route and we can guarantee that with Creekside. That's one reason I love them so much. But today I want to talk to you about the recent essential oils I got to try out. I own a essential oil diffuser so this works great with that. I just add a few drops and we are good to go. Whatever the purpose I need it for. Think about it scents are a big part of our life's. We can go back to childhood and recall a scent that we smelled during special occasions or we can remember someone that is no longer with us. So scents pay a big part of our life's. But they are also good for therapy. Especially when we need something to help us relax or to give us energy or even to help us focus. Down below I listed the products I got to try and what they are good for. I think you will be as please with them as I am.
 I know my daughter and myself uses the calming room when we are having trouble sleeping. It helps us to unwind and relax before bed. We then get a great night sleep.
 During study time we use the Focus Mind. It helps us to stay focused when we need to study or do homework. 
 Then the Germ Zapper oh that's a great one to use when someone in the house is sick. I think it helps keep the cold virus down. I imagine it zapping away all the nasty bugs that can spread into the air that makes other's sick. With all that said I think these products are great and they work so well in their own way. Please read below the following information so you can know more about the products. Also while your at it visit their website and Facebook page link down below. 

Creekside Natural Therapeutics Calming Room – 20 ml 100% Organic Essential Oil
  • For a relaxing environment add 3-4 drops to an essential oil diffuser
  • Contains 100% Pure Organic Essential Oil: Chamomile, Lavender and Ylang-Ylang
  • Also try our Germ Zapper or Focused Mind Essential Oil products

Creekside Natural Therapeutics Focused Mind – 20 ml 100% Organic Essential Oil
  • Stay focused and attentive at work and at home
  • A proprietary blend of 100% pure organic essential oils (20 ml) containing: clary sage, pink grapefruit, and bergmot
  • Great for studying or staying on track at the office
  • Use 3-4 drops in an essential oil diffuser or a spray bottle
  • Try our Germ Zapper and Calm Room essential oils also

Creekside Natural Therapeutics Germ Zapper – 20 ml 100% Organic Essential Oil
  • Helps eliminate airborne bacteria
  • A proprietary blend of cinnamon, clove, geranium, eucalyptus, lemon and sweet orange
  • Derived and formulated from the Thieves recipe during Medieval Times
  • 20 ml of 100% pure organic essential oils
  • Try Focused Mind and Calming Room essential oils also from Creekside Natural Therapeutics

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