Monday, December 7, 2015

The Ultralight Camping Hammock

The first two things that I love about the Hammock it holds a lot of weight and it also is compact. So much so that it packs back into the bag that it's actually made with. Now I call that easy. Plus that makes it lightweight and easy to around in case you go hiking and want to take it along with you. You can just find two trees and hook them up between the two and have a place to sleep. It also has built in straps on the ends of the hammock. The storage bag is actually the hammock. So nothing much to carry for you sleeping quarters. Nicely made and there is no smell to it like some other types of hammocks I have seen. I received at a discount or free for my unbiased review.

  • YOU WILL NOT FALL. Safely holds up to 400 pounds with premium carabiners and nautical-grade rope. The 210 nylon body has a gentle give with excellent tear and abrasion resistance.
  • HANGING GEAR INCLUDED. Everything you need to hang your hammock comes with it - ropes and carabiners. You don't need to buy anything else.
  • NO ADJUSTMENTS NEEDED IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT. The 6mm polypropylene rope does not stretch. So you won't find yourself sagging to the ground at 3 in the morning.
  • PACKS VERY SMALL. Weighs less than pound with lightweight components, like the aluminum wire gate carabiners. Built-in compression straps cinch it down to a tiny 6" x 6" x 4" package, making it an excellent choice for backpacking.

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