Saturday, December 26, 2015

Winter Socks for Men and Women

I have never tried any socks like this before. They are copper socks and are suppose to be good for diabetics. I am not diabetic but I am prediabetic and I am trying to avoid that. But my feet do bother me quite a bit. I can say after trying these socks they feel so good wearing them. My feet feel so comfortable wearing them. They fight odor and bacteria. They keep your feet warm but don't overheat them. My feet actually felt softer after wearing them. I really love these socks and I would highly recommend them. I received at a discount or free for my unbiased review.

About the Product
  • COMFORTABLY THICK SOCKS that you'll surely love this winter!
  • RESTORES SKIN CELLS TO HEALTH and keep your foot infections at bay. This is also PERFECT FOR WINTER.
  • NO MORE EMBARRASSING SWAMP FOOT! Copper kills the microbes that cause foot odor. You can now take off your shoes with confidence anytime, anywhere.
  • The fabric is COMFORTABLE, WICKABLE AND BREATHABLE so your feet feel fresh at all times. Wear it WITHOUT CRAMPING YOUR STYLE!
  • Winter Socks SIZE: L/XL - 7 to 9 inches. These socks are machine-washable, which makes them EASY TO CLEAN!

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