Friday, April 17, 2015

Loew Cornell Artist Arts and Crafts Paint Brushes Sponges - Craft Container (6 Piece Round Spongit Set)

  • Loew cornell 6-piece double-sided spongit sticks are circular foam brushes perfect for your crafting needs. Use with many art mediums
  • Works great with chalk, ink, paint, stencils, glue and more
  • Perfect for general art use
  • Excellent for the novice or experience artist
  • Recommended Uses: For canvas, scrapbooks and any place you want to unleash your creativity. Works with chalk, paint, ink, watercolor, pastels and more. The sponges are wonderful with glue as it keeps the mess and spreads it evenly.

I make bottle lights so I use these sponges for when I have something I want to erase since I am using acrylic on my bottles I stick the sponge brush into nail polish remover and then I can use one side of the brush to remove and the other side to dry with. They work great for that aspect of my art. I like using them cause I can use them over and over unlike with qtips I have to throw away. With these just wash and I can use again and again. 

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