Saturday, April 11, 2015

WearMax Scratch Concealer

If your like me and have a dog and his nails can  scratch your flooring the flooring or have children that some how nick your coffee tables. You definately need this Wear Max Scratch concealer. It's a must have for anyone with wood in your house. 
How I use start with dropping a drop or light line following the line a scratch. You might even find this fun in doing. It's like a fun project instead of a chore. I rubbed each scratch in with a micro fiber rag which is included with the concealer in a circular motion over the scratch. Make sure you wipe away any excess liquid. Wait a few hours for it to dry. The next day I checked and was shocked it had kind of blended in with the wood not nearly as noticeable as before that is for sure. Great product and would recommend.

**Note: for deep scratches or dark stained floors, matching furniture quality marker may be applied to the blemish prior to the Scratch application.

**Step 1: Shake well. Apply Scratch with a soft cloth to clean, dry area of floor. Using a circular motion, wipe the area until all excess is removed. Failure to remove excess may affect the gloss of the treated area.

**Step 2: Using a a portable lamp as the light source, apply direct light to the treated area for 4 or more hours.

**IMPORTANT: Direct sunlight may cause immediate curing. Area being treated should be shaded during Step 1 & then exposed to light after the application process is complete.

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