Friday, May 20, 2016

Gimars Heavy Duty Stainless steel Titanium coated Pet Grooming Scissors Set

Gimars Heavy Duty Stainless steel Titanium coated Pet Grooming Scissors Set

If you're like me and have pets that you love and they have long hair that needs to be cut or trimmed especially during the summer months. I have a himalayan cat that must be trimmed. He get's matted hair and knots. He will tolerate electric shears a little but he will sit still for scissors more. So this kit came in handy because he was more relaxed and let us trim him. We got him ready for summer months. These scissors cut really good and the steel comb was excellent for going through his fur so we could trim him. Plus this kit has a case to store the scissors which is wonderful. Especially if your like me and forget where you put things. Product was sent directly from company for my unbiased testing privileges. 

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Snow all done looking fresh for the summer

  • All Shears and grooming combs are made with heavy duty Stainless Steel,Coated Titanium and Cold treatment for hardness,durability and style;The blade of scissors is very smooth,sharp and durable without rusting. This process reduces the friction to shear pet hair relaxedly;
  • Perfect Pet grooming kits come with cutting & thinning& Curved Shears with Combs and Cloth all in a nice zippered storage case,cutting & thinning shears for thinning out pet's fur,removing tangles,and blending,Curved Shears great for feathering edge,Steel Comb has widely spaced teeth with 2 different size teeth to removes tangles, mats, loose hair and dirt,Cloth to wipe off all tools;
  • Expertly weighted, Perfect Size 7" and made with exacting precision,Truly ergonomically designed for the trimming, thinning and cutting of your animals hair.Easy and effortless to use,you can save a lot for pets grooming;
  • Adjustable screw for tightness or to separate the scissors for sharpening and cleaning,rubber num between pink handles to dampens the sound of the scissors handle hitting each other;
  • Handles and finger rests are contoured for maximum comfort. Comfort and ergonomic thumb and finger-rings,the plastic guards in the finger handles are also removable for cleaning of if you want the extra space;

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