Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Pencil Sharpener Battery Operated

I really like this pencil sharpener it works great. It takes four AA batteries. It is super strong and it sharpens pencils and colored pencils nicely. I love that you it has a shavings catcher so you can dump that out when needed. I sit it on my desk and when I need it, I know I can count on it to sharpen my pencils. I am a Artist so I am always usings some type of pencil.

  • SPECIAL HELICAL BLADE: Sharp stainless steel helical blade from ImiKas that gives a smooth and uniform cut with ease even with colored pencils
  • BATTERY POWERED: This is a pencil sharpener battery operated for mobility, easily take it with you anywhere, takes 4 x AA batteries (not included)
  • SAFETY FEATURE: Robust safety power cut off mechanism that stops this best electric pencil sharpener operating if the shaving tray is removed. Great for school kids
  • COMPACT YET POWERFUL: Lightweight, compact and quiet pencil sharpener yet comes with a powerful motor in getting the job done

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