Thursday, May 21, 2015

CLD Brands Fishing Bite Bait Double Bell Alarm

               CLD Brands Fishing Bite Bait                    Double Bell Alarm

My brother's like to fish and this is great for fishing at a lake, pond or river. The LED light stays on unless you cut it off. So that's a great feature at night. When you get a bite the bells will rattle as shown in video they are loud. With the bells you don't have to worry about dozing off and missing the fish because the bells will be sure to wake you up that is for sure. 


1. Unscrew Light Cover Off 
2. Reverse the Batteries 
3. Put the Iron Wire on the battery 
4. Screw on the lid,then the light will turn on 
5. Clip it on the rod tips 

  • PREMIUM QUALITY: These are the best reusable fish bite alarms on Amazon. Designed to use for night fishing but the alarm bells will sound anytime you have them clinging to the bait on your line.
  • RECOMMENDED USES: Night Fishing, Sea Fishing, Lake Fishing, Fishing Tournaments, Stocking Stuffers, Father's Day Gift, Bait and Tackle box accessory, Fundraisers, Goodie Bags and more.
  • SNOOZE AND WIN: Unlike when you snooze you lose; the double bell will wake you up when it is time for you to reel in the catch. This makes it ok for you to sit back until they ring again.
  • If you would like to purchase you can go to link below

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