Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Elite Serum RX Got A New Packaging

Awhile back I reviewed Elite Serum Rx

but since then I had heard they had launched a new packaging and I was excited about checking it out since it is one of my favorite eye serums. It arrived in the mail recently and I have to say it is much more up to date and modern looking package. 

Photo's below

See what I mean? 

Plus I am happy that now I can use this box to put all my other Elite Serum's in to store. I have them laying around in my bathroom or makeup counter. This will help me keep track of them.  It is still my treasure item in my beauty regimen. I still remember the first time I ever used this product cause I only used a tiny bit on my right eye. I will always remember my husband's response was "Oh Wow".. So with that said you can truly understand why. I never want to go back to the way my eyes use to look. Just in case you missed those photos or my first experience you can click the link above. Plus check my before and after photos here. On my right eye only. 



You can purchase on Amazon at link below

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  1. wow looks like its working out great looks fantastic