Friday, May 8, 2015

Hair Thickening Fibers Strand Maximizer

My husband has tried several hair fibers in the past two years. So we were super excited to try this one out. Because it has an easy application you just sprinkle the Strand Maximizer on the thinning areas and it gives an instant coverage. Plus it last all day and when your done for the day just wash it out with regular shampoo. It gives thicker fuller look to your hair. It's made with Keratin hair fibers. So they bond with your own hair follicles. They have several shades of color. It's great for both men and women. I have heard a lot of celebrities use this type of hair product. 
 My husband used these hair fibers he said they are top notch. They are more expensive than what he's been using, however they seem to blend in better and not lump up. They make his hair look fuller and matches his hair color very well. He was very please and now is excited about using Strand Maximizer.

You can purchase at this link on Amazon

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