Friday, May 1, 2015

HotelSpa® Slimline Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Recently I got the HotelSpa® Slimline Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker to try out. It has an Instant Wireless Connection to Any Bluetooth Device • Answer phone calls or listen to your favorite music while you shower! • Use with your smartphone, tablet, computer or music player, including iPhone, iPad and iPod. 
Mount instantly on smooth tile or glass with high-power suction, or place where convenient

This speaker is amazing plays music clearly while your showering it also has a great feature in case someone calls you. This Bluetooth speaker comes in a variety of colors but my favorite was the blue. Several of us in the house use it while we shower so it works great with each of our phones or Ipods. It's easy to charge and stays charged up to 3hours. 

link below where you can find it on Amazon

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