Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Reacher Grabber Pickup Tool

                     Reacher Grabber Pickup Tool 

This is a wonderful product for people with back issues or fibromyalgia like myself. Where I live we are always having to clean the front of our yard near the road because people must tend to throw trash out. We clean our front yard up and sometimes with my back it get's hard on me since I have Fibromyalgia. This helps me so much because I am not having to bend over as much. I am 5'9 and it works perfect for my height. It also works great for when I am putting cans in back for recycle when the bag has busted open trust me that is so hard on you when your back hurts. But with this grabber pickup tool it is perfect. Makes it so much easier and faster. I really love this product and would highly recommend to anyone with back issues like myself. 

• Easy to use, perfect for the old and young 
• Strong grip with and non-slip jaws 
• Reliable smooth mechanism made from high quality precision      components 
• Sturdy construction for years of happy grabbing 
• Easy to use ergonomic design

  • IMPROVES QUALITY OF LIFE for people who find bending and reaching a strain. The 'Reach it Grab it' is the best assist tool on the market as demonstrated by our reviews. On a day-to-day basis, its 90 degree swivel head is a great feature for those who suffer with arthritis, back pain and sore knees making it stress free to reach objects that are in hard to get places.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, rust proof aluminium body is robust and durable making it suitable for all types of work, indoors and out.
  • NON SLIP rubber claws, that ensure your target object never gets damaged when being picked up - in fact, the 4.5" wide jaws are accurate enough to grab a coin from off of the floor.
  • ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED TRIGGER, the 'Reach it Grab it' is designed to provide maximum comfort for the user. The plastic handle also has a soft rubberised surface making it fit perfectly in your hand and easy to hold.

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