Friday, May 8, 2015

Melatonin All Natural Sleep Aid

Recently I got the chance to try out Melatonin. I didn't know at the time I wouldn't be able to use them because of my sensitivity being allergic to a lot of stuff. So I didn't let it go to waste. I gave it to my best friend whom has suffered since child hood to sleep. She loved the melatonin she started taking it on a nightly basis. She feels it has helped her some what since taking it. She loves that it's all natural ingredients. She said within about 30 mins you felt relaxed. She sleeps more hours than she use to while using it and feels refreshed when she awakes unlike before where she woke up tired. There was no fuzzy after affect like you can have with a sleeping pill. So over all they worked pretty good for her and didn't go to waste since I couldn't take them. 

You can purchase with link below 

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